Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Popular sunglasses recommended

The famous Ray-Ban, can be said that the originator of sunglasses. Ray Ban is the United States very well-known brands in the world is also one of the best known.

Ray Ban sunglasses are very popular, work well, many stars are wearing Ray-Ban appearance, like Gary - Grant, Audrey Hepburn are its loyal fans.
Burberry is Britain's well-known brand sunglasses, 156 years history. You may only know Burberry windbreaker great. Burberry sunglasses should be introduced in recent years, new products, magazines, advertising large often see some supermodel wearing a mirror.

Vivienne Westwood sunglasses is also a British brand, cut from the clothing brand design. Vivian is its designer, design elements with a strong self-personality, design innovation, very bold, is this unique Vivienne Westwood became a sunglasses design gene.

ChloƩ is a chameleon in the Paris haute couture industry, which employs designer teachers quite frequently, but the stylistic framework of the brand has not changed because of the designer's change, and has maintained a French style of color and elegant atmosphere. Chole sunglasses style simple and generous, more importantly, do not pick face. Any person to wear, will instantly have the feeling of big stars. Network Reds also favorite Chole classic sunglasses. Shopping or vacation, small pepper are worn, we can see the usefulness of this sunglasses.

Gucci, we know more or bag, perfume, jewelry and the like. A very luxurious brand, from Italy. Gucci itself is the positioning of high-end luxury market, there is a Gucci that is the symbol of identity and wealth, such as Gucci sunglasses fashion and luxury this one brand in the upper class is the consumption of natural darling, especially by business people favor, Price is indeed expensive.

RPRADA's first store was founded in Milan, is very popular with the royal family and upper class, fame is also great.RPRADA sunglasses are personality.

MiuMiu is a vice line brand from Italy, is a brand below Prada. Fashion fans should know that Prada, the original production of handbags known in Europe, and later also designed sunglasses, which has a five prism. MiuMiu sunglasses are very unique and personality, at first glance you will remember it.

Dior is derived from the perfume, France is very well-known brands, is limited to the fashionable teach Paris, has been positioned is elegant and noble. Jewelry, watches, perfumes, make-up skin care area, Dior is perfect, but also very nice Dior sunglasses.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Display of sunglasses

The characteristics of cabinet and high cabinet has been the best choice to display high-end sunglasses, matching with the counter lighting, the brightness, color, light irradiation range, the atmosphere should be adjusted; as for the sunglasses display, quantity, color lenses are consistent, which can also be appropriate to assist some accessories to attract customers eye. The purpose of display is to create a visual effect, stimulate customer vision, stimulate customer interest, increase the opportunity to buy. At the same time, the scientific orientation of display location is very important, it should be based on the counter and the customer into the store used to adjust Sunglasses display location, so that customers contact sunglasses to the maximum, so that customers can watch and buy Sunglasses completely and conveniently.
Posters include the use of the product manual, a single page, product catalogs, etc.. Display samples, the posters and products together, for example: the display area in a sunglasses, the same brand products with special mirror box, open the manual, single page, so that customers at a glance, can let the customer know the trend of the elements of brand design style and implication through catalogs, but also let customers know that in addition to the current display sunglasses, and more on display outside of the product, perhaps with products in them. Therefore, the sales staff should also do a good job to leave the customer's communication address, after the arrival of direct delivery to the customer.
The window often in new product, best-selling products, specialty products exhibition. Therefore, the window display must be carefully planned. For example: in sunglasses display, can design a beach scene, the new sunglasses and model coordinate display, reflect the dynamic, fashion, avant-garde; can also display together with perfume, reflect the brand sunglasses, a sense of dignity; of course, can also with sports including tennis, badminton and other display together reflect the movement with the right sunglasses are inseparable. A principle of the display should grasp is: according to the different uses of different sunglasses, coordinate display.

X display rack display the biggest advantage is: can be placed in an important business channel, customers see analysis. Of course, a display is still the most important basis for the use of sunglasses for propaganda. For example, can be compared to the car before and after the visual effect, bring embodiment polarized sunglasses to the driving of the benefits; to promote sports sunglasses through golf, cycling, ball games, fashion dynamic picture.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The History of Sunglasses

The world's first pair of sunglasses was invented by Eskimo. They used animal bones, leather or wood to made sunglasses without the lenses, only leaving a small gap in the glasses Parts, which were designed to protect the eyes, and prevent snow blindness. It is also known as snow goggles.

Sunglasses used to be fighting tools.
A century ago, in order to the needs of a group of men fly to the sky, today's super dynamic pilot mirror was invented.
During the first World War, the pilot was flying in the air for a long time. Due to long-term exposure to the strong ultraviolet light and in the strong ultraviolet environment, which resulting in some pilots decreased visual acuity. This also let a number of the man dare to go to the sky. To put an end to this phenomenon, the military invented Polarized Sunglasses equipment.

The transformation road of sunglasses
Later gradually less war, the soldiers found that, in addition to provide eye protection for the war, actually also can wear it so handsome, so set off a trend. Its proper cool handsome personality quickly detonated fashion circle, folk also began a variety of sought after, from it from a functional product turned into a fashion darling.

Fashion cycle, functional subdivision
Like fashion, today's sunglasses also follow the rules of fashion, the design and decoration of the sunglasses become more and more important. Of course, in addition to good looking, we gradually have more different needs, so the sunglasses are divided into more different categories, which has a myopic population and the design of myopia sunglasses.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Big Frame and Fashion Sunglasses - Wildfox

Wildfox Couture is a company headquartered in Losangeles, with a retro style shirt and sweater brand Juicy is the second compilation, Couture gradually by the United States 80 or even 90 love brand, its style as the name Wildfox, free, uninhibited, rebellious, wild and sexy. Juicy Couture with a classic style known, with the California Wildfox is another kind of attitude: she is the kind of cool and rebellious, let the teacher and parents some headaches bad girl, "like the Linsday Lohan movie mean girl".
"We are wild, and alive." This is WILDFOX's brand slogan. Founder Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon are childhood sweetheart, since its inception in 2007, has become the spirit of the index support by young fashion men and women.
When it comes to the most wanted sunglasses, it must be the Wildfox from the United Kingdom, but why? This is because the value is too high and looks amazing.
Unique retro character T, party girls, Indian color, will re-interpretation of the classic style of the 80s, adding modern pop elements, generous show the beauty of American style dazzling self-confidence, which will become the super-self in the eyes of the young girl.
Wildfox sunglasses series in recent years has gradually attracted the attention of fashion people, whose design themes will be popular elements of the 1980s and modern avant-garde style of combining to create a unique fashion charm.
Wildfox Dynasty sunglasses of big frame are the new style of 2016 spring and summer. Big metal frame in addition to make the face looks petite and exquisite, the more exposed domineering fashion.
Dynasty sunglasses to outline the metal frame of the avant-garde style, to create alternative visual effects in the color, which is a domineering fashion accessories.
US actress Vanessa - Huggins in the social network PO out of the same paragraph, set off the good face.
There are four color options, CR-39 lenses, width 59mm, 100% anti-ultraviolet.

WILDFOX transmit being brave to show and love the indulgent gesture. If you do not know how to be yourself, then can life have any fun?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ten Best Sunglasses

Not only can be used to cool dress, can use it to protect the eyes of shading. Sunglasses can also be used as a fashion or embodiment of personal style of special accessories, and has become a necessity for people to travel. Here for you to select the best sunglasses, are word of mouth, popularity and other aspects of the products have been recognized by everyone, I believe you can choose the most suitable for their own.

Ford Tom Polarized Sunglasses TF211
Using the most luxurious materials, bold fashion design, and all kinds of small details of the deal, showing the most perfect works. This classic style glasses with gold T shape decoration in leg fold, leg and frame position wearing no friction skin feeling, can bring you a comfortable, hearty feeling.

Ray-Ban pilot series of colorful RB3025 Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB3025 sunglasses is the world's one of the most recognizable style of sunglasses, with its unique combination and teardrop shape reflective lens design to rewrite the market standard. Wearing this Aviator pilot style sunglasses, there are a variety of colors for your choice, including gold brown reflective, silver green reflective, pink brown reflective and crystal green reflection, etc., to ensure that you never be ignored.

Prada SPR 27N Sunglasses Baroque auspicious clouds clouds
Prada product value has been regarded as a special enjoyment in daily life, and the retro round box SPR27N auspicious clouds spectacle frame has led to the trend of the times. Design of large frame is very big in wear, although foreign brands, but the nose is based on face design of Asians, wear and face more docile.

Jane's BUllY BIG Sunglasses
This is the latest popular round box glasses design, with Phnom Penh to make Sunglasses with a point of ancient atmosphere. Sunglasses use all of Italy plate production, the frame is a special aviation material, ultra light and high strength, durable without deformation. The mercury coating layer increases the transmittance and clarity, and effectively prevents the damage to the eyes. Nose design is fully in line with the Asian human body engineering design, fit and comfortable.

GUCCI GG3685 Sunglasses
Mirror arm with classic natural bamboo, including coffee, tortoiseshell and marble three styles. The sun glasses design is simple. The product uses the natural bamboo details, and in the lens of laser Gucci brand identity, the more unique classic glasses. The inner side of the glasses legs of the glasses is also engraved with the GUCCI brand logo, and offers a variety of unique colors to choose.

Fendi FF0060/S Cat Eye Sunglasses
This Fendi sunglasses use image charming cat style design, angular transparent frames decorated with triangular metal, herringbone glasses decorated with pav crystal, slightly elegant luxury.
Chlo transparent round sunglasses CE114S
This Chlo sunglasses, inherited the Chlo's romantic aesthetic feeling, is face the legendary artifact, the big face wear it, can change in seconds and this beautiful little face, radian on any nose is also no pressure! A soft, rounded frame with rounded corners, especially for a person with a square face and a heart shaped face.

BOLON BL5002 Rex Polarized Sunglasses
The sunglasses from designer charming little draw designed essence, picture frame, metal lines, three-dimensional cutting eye outline mirror legs, the glasses frame and the glasses legs hollow and echo. The profile of the actual situation with special material, meticulous craft and fashion details, and cast the star cool fashion, both stylish and practical.

Dior SOREAL Sunglasses
The elegant design with leopard frame, fashion and classic. Dynamic frame with mirror design is very chic and steal the spotlight, fusion of avant-garde and retro elements of black lenses and futuristic framework novelty cleverly showcased another glamour women.

Dolce&Gabbana exquisite carved hollow leg DG4212A
With acetate fiber or nylon frame rich elasticity, anti fire and anti chemical erosion, the color will never die. Design and manufacturing philosophy frame, and creation of the lens material and accurate theory of an identical nature as durable, never wear comfortable, very thoughtful face.
A revolution of fashion and taste has been lifted from the moment you put on it, it is so simple to wear it and taste it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Cat's Eye Sunglasses

All along, for the Hollywood stars, to concave shape when the most indispensable is a pair of sunglasses can make themselves look different. There are many types of sunglasses, which cat's eye-shaped sunglasses with the fashionable relationship can be said to go hand-in-hand. This sunglasses is like the enduring black dress, classic, timeless, timeless. Its contour is always clear edges and corners, the two sides of the upper flying out of the small tip of Alice, always make people unconsciously more attention to the glances.
Cat's eye is the most fitting face sunglasses.The biggest mistake is to choose an unsuitable sunglasses for their face size, not the unsuitable shape of the sunglasses.
Cat's eye sunglasses has an incredible charm, it is chic, exaggerated, is the face of the best decorations, even if you look haggard without makeup to go out, as long as a wear this sunglasses, immediately give a sharp fashion Smart image.
People who look good this year like to wear this sunglasses.
From former Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner to today's fashion icons Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo are cat-shaped frame super fan.
At this point, the cat's eye sunglasses is definitely a handy concave shape props, and instantly let your friends circle fried flowers.
ELITE EDGE Tips: Cat's eye is the most fitting face sunglasses, sunglasses, the focus of the selection depends on whether the size of their face.
Look, as long as the right size cat-shaped sun is simply suitable for all mankind.
Cat's eye sunglasses most suitable to wear face: heart-shaped face, angular wide face, diamond face
This season, from the T station to the stars and then to the street shooting, as the cat's eye cat's eye sunglasses up again this summer, a strong return to this century with the retro effect of sunglasses, bring you all of a sudden you can change Was cute fashionable, full of personality, could not help but think of reminiscent of those fine film, exaggeration and lady image, in fact, a lot of elegant style to go and Fan who wear it is also very good. Seems hard to control the cat's eye sunglasses is not pick, in fact, a unique rise in shape can be very good modification of the face, to improve the cheeks wide diamond face, etc.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

BOLON Sunglasses

BOLON glasses as China's leading brand of optical industry, under the Xiamen Yarui Optical, and in 2013 joined the Essilor Group. Since the establishment of the brand since the BOLON sunglasses always adhere to high-quality design, materials and technology of the three major advantages, while forming their own unique light luxury style, has become a personality and fashion to the best carrier. In 2014, BOLON became one of the top 100 listed companies in Forbes, and was named to the Top 500 Asian Brands in the same year. 2015, "modern elegance" has become the essence of BOLON brand, to create different glasses on the new aesthetic.

As the world's leading optical eyewear company, Essilor is committed to improving the design, manufacture high-quality lenses, while using their own extensive market for people to contribute to the protection of vision. Essilor flagship brand Miles Road, drilling crystal, the whole line of sight, in 100 countries and regions worldwide sales and production, and set up R & D center.
Speaking of Hu Jun, walking hormones, Alpha character, the main general offensive, this series of super-man with the new words in Hu Jun are very appropriate. In the past few years from fans of various nicknames "flourishing", are Hu Jun shoulders more than enough to carry, the title of the ambiguous oath: the tough guy Hu Jun, is big step meteor to walk in public view.
Under the lens of Hu Jun wear BOLON BL8001 pilot models sunglasses, tough guy image showing the natural hero of the gas. Life of Hu Jun, is a heart, do not want people. Do not want, is derived from a man's responsibility. Dedication to filming, family attention, wife care, children love, this is his practice of heroism in life complex. Both the innate hero of the gas, there are years of precipitation deep wisdom.

BOLON BL8001 take traditional pilot style as its inspiration, into the fashion line design and multi-material elements to create colorful aviator style, classic continuation.
BOLON BL8003 take the detail as the most important, the concept of work from the men's charm, quality and texture to create a detailed design details of the modern new gentleman.
BOLON BL6011 60's classic style as inspiration, into modernism and a variety of new materials to improve the design, subversion, the continuation of the classic concept.

Hu Jun with retro MOD sunglasses BL6011, BL8001 pilot sunglasses, BL8003 sunglasses and narrow body British suit the essence of these three times to the magic of the Covenant. In the pure hormone catalysis, were demonstrated domineering president of the wind, sailing holiday winds and yuppies play cool wind, please feel warm and domineering Hu total small universe.

OLIVER PEOPLES Join THE ROW to Launch a New Sunglasses.

In all the fashion items, it is estimated that no one can be more popular than sunglasses! Its natural temperament, is simply to become the focus of the existence! So you found it, almost no star will go out without wearing OLIVER PEOPLES sunglasses, perhaps to cover tired, perhaps for its own full gas field!
Say the picture is the most practical language, that is good, there is time to describe the text may seem pale, but the picture will not, every detail, every wipe color, are using the tangible picture in describing its maverick , It's rebellious!
OLIVER PEOPLES join THE ROW to launch a new series of cooperation sunglasses.
The series will be THE ROW feminine retro temperament and OLIVER PEOPLES elegant temperament to integrate the new interpretation of the classic O'MALLEY-based play style.
THE ROW and OLIVER PEOPLES announced that they will launch a new series, the core concept is: to create a feminine classic retro style. The series will be composed of six models, are the classic Oliver Peoples new interpretation, both the professional charm of the business models, there are leisure-style midnight style. Inspired by the classic Oliver Peoples design, the collection combines the Southern California style with the comfort of The ROW and the low-key elegance. Each eyewear is available in optical and sunglasses with a custom-made mineral glass tint for this collection. Throughout the series, everywhere can be seen two unique style design elements, such as metal core lines and low-key bridge of the nose.
O'Malley NYC is the brightest of the series, so unique. To THE ROW sunglasses unique feminine temperament re-architecture Oliver Peoples classic O'Malley. The series also marks the first time that Oliver Peoples has been able to build their classic style beyond the brand's design philosophy.