Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 New Sunglasses

2017 new series, there is no lack of bright colors, design sense of variety of fashionable sunglasses. Although the weather continued to cool and dark sky city pent up enthusiasm, still can not resist an individuality, the pursuit of fashion and modern girl gentlemen in such a snow-white winter wearing a stylish and eye-catching single product.
Vogue Sunglasses new Blaze series brand diversification of image integration, to create a modern trend in inclusive strokes, eye-catching color foil cute female breath. The charm of this special Sunglasses design is simple and smooth, but lingering deep feminine, sexy style redefined. The metal material is light and full of toughness, supplemented by the modern sense of the full contrast effect, is full of vitality and passion of modern women are the most perfect accessories partner, so that they keep the most fashionable attitude. Along with the frame of shiny polished finish, strengthen self assertive temperament.
Giorgio Armani sunglasses on the aesthetic style of exquisite and distinctive cast timeless taste beyond the era of fashion style, just perfect the sense of propriety perfect expression of strength and sensibility with the beauty of this summer, worthy of a wise choice; the complicated need summer colorful paint. This styles have a unique style of large frame, concentrated Armani brand essence. Smooth contour lines, on the glasses legs and elegant floral prints, vibrant spring 2016 clothing series theme: to just perfect the sense of propriety, strength and beauty both emotional expression.
Prada to challenge the traditional design, the sultry heart Hyun to subvert the normal definition of elegant, pattern elements and geometric lines of large blend of classic profile, using the novel and fashionable way mirror type charming beauty, bright summer kicked off. This butterfly sunglasses reminiscent of brand glasses show style, exquisite structure, both sides of the picture frame are inlaid with color plate decoration, wrapped in metal contour lines. The use of color and brand clothing series complement each other, including the classic natural black, marble and tobacco color, with bright red and blue add vitality.
Prada Linea Rossa sunglasses have irresistible lines, simple and smooth. The irregular contour of ultrafine metal frame and lens echoes. Colorful lens colors for a variety of options: including brown and charcoal gray and mirror blue, pink mirror and mirror black.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

California Sunglasses

People in the sun usually depends on adjusting the pupil size to adjust the flux, when the light intensity exceeds the eye adjustment ability, will cause harm to human. Therefore, in outdoor activities, especially in the summer, many people use a sun visor to block the sun, in order to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or glare damage.

Because of the sun's rays in the earth's surface, the cornea and the lens of the human eye are the most susceptible to UV damage. Due to the destruction of the ozone layer, as well as the increase of people's outdoor activities in summer, the harm of ultraviolet light to the human eye can not be ignored.
With the improvement of people's material and cultural level, sunglasses can be used as a fashion or reflect the personal style of special jewelry. Wearing sunglasses is a good way to protect your eyes from UV damage, but you should pay special attention to the choice of sunglasses.

There is an oval frame sunglasses, frames, lenses around black colored collocation. At first feel ugly fried days, look like Ultraman, three see unexpectedly shocked fashion, it is California sunglasses. As a classic element of surfing music popular in the west coast of California in the 60s of the last century, it has a personality and rebellious image without the sun and vitality. Futurism, youth culture...... California Sunglasses always seems to be with those niche even non mainstream circles are closely linked. Nirvana, home court and guitarist grunge style soul - Kurt Cobain of their preference is to let more and more people began to pay attention to this ugly but pose artifact lovable.

But, why is VerySide the sound of "old" items introduced to you? That is because in 2016, California sunglasses and "comeback". Alexa Chung and Victoria Secret Angel Elsa Hosk invariably falls in love with the spring and summer of 2016 in the men's series Laurent side inspired design by Cobain all black "SL98", Lady Gaga chose the same series of black and white checkerboard models SL08". And in June, Gigi Hadid is wearing a Vintage feel full of white border California Sunglasses appeared in the West Hollywood shooting large scene.
Sunglasses are a must have in summer, and some people say that wearing a pair of good sunglasses, you can reverse the entire shape. Often see a lot of big stars, clothing seems to be a simple and easy, but as long as wearing sunglasses, the whole star feeling out.