Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Michael Kors Sunglasses

Michael Kors was founded in 1981, currently has more than 230 stores in the world, is one of the most famous fashion brands in the United states. Michael Kors sunglasses by the international big star of love, if they view the VIP list, you can find almost all Hollywood stars are its guest.
The new Michael Kors Sunglasses with multiple Golden theme, transparent romantic and refreshing let spring and summer seem particularly cool and elegant.
The new season Michael Kors Sunglasses series to retro, luxurious color combination with horn frame, the Golden logo design components and brand will continue down; the most points in the new season Michael Kors sunglasses in Pyramid or nail decoration, Bridget in the frame edge and mirror legs (M2838S), Callie (M2834S) and Beth (M2839S) with the details of all have a unique style. Callie uses the generous frame line design, Beth and the Bridget uses the cat eye type frame to display the different charm.
The new Michael Kors Sunglasses series inspired by the old Hollywood style, the most representative is Monroe (MKS825), the retro round sunglasses high-profile, the Black Amber tortoiseshell is the one and only.
Brooke (MKS167) and the aviator glasses has added new elements, the lens of the exterior leopard pattern to create a new image for the character, ms..
The new Michael Kors men's sunglasses on the basis of their aristocratic style, a combination of a variety of classic men's sunglasses style. Glasses full of elegant tone.
Brady (MKS351M) and Grant (MKS168M) in addition to the continuation of its classic style has also added a number of mature charm inside. Grant metal aviator glasses mainly is to design the double bridge decorative metal glass lens; modern navigation style Brady, is the integration of a combination of classic design and metal sheet, make Brady appear more mature man's taste, low-key fashion.
Jameson (MK349M) did not change the style of its retro box, so that the metal mirror legs become more slender, the frame is to change its original color, the use of horn color. Make the frame and the mirror legs look more coordinated, emitting a unique classic charm.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Top Shop Sunglasses

Top shop was founded in London in 1964 not only clothing, and the golden metal butterfly round sunglasses, nude puzzle pantyhose, shallow wheat color woven straw hat, red skull printed scarves, even decorated rivets letter belt and toys and other accessories. Top shop of the new arrival speed, sales price of civilians, and style follow fashion trends. In addition to Top shop, fast fashion brands as well as the UK's River Island, Spain's ZARA and Mango, Japan's UNIQLO.
Top shop sunglasses, purple frame with red reflective lens, to express a very lively atmosphere. In the official website of the latest Sunglasses style, design style eclectic. Not only the basic style, there are high-end fashion style. According to the principle of matching the face and glasses, because the face of the Asian and European face of the bridge height is different. Topshop pays attention to people in the season of catharsis, offers a variety of seasonal match effect.
The price is moderate, on the official website of Lettie Hexagon Sunglasses price of 18 pounds, the Penny Square Sunglasses price of 16 pounds, the Cross Nose Sunglasses price of 16 pounds, the Lettie Hexagon Sunglasses price of 18 pounds, the Preppy Round Sunglasses is only 14 pounds. Not only Sunglasses price is low, Topshop and Erdem, Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou and other brands of joint design t-shirt, the price is only 30 pounds.
In addition to the traditional online retail, but also in other aspects of a bold attempt. For example, by way of live fashion show online, so many fans in the PC and smart phones to participate in. Choose styles and colors when they watch a fashion show, and share their choices with their friends.
Topshop brand choose Gui Lunmei, Xiao Yuan and Deng Ziqi as Asia spokesperson, through the star effect, driving fans to spend. In Europe, Topshop often produces a variety of topics with stars. Early and Kate Moss conducted a number of cooperation, especially in the tropical summer series. Close fitting dress, Kate Moss hot body show the most incisive.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How About Bally Sunglasses

As Bally's new category, Bally sunglasses will also be like shoes, accessories so memorable? Bally was born in 1851 in the Swiss brand, its name is Barry Chinese. It is expected to create a meaningful engaging style, not deliberately exaggerated emphasis on popular feeling. Bally innovation, in January 2012 announced the development of glasses with the international group of glasses TWC-L'AMY series. In your eyes, what do you think of Bally sunglasses?
Bally woman Sunglasses
The city is divided into two series of fashion, sports and leisure, not only the square frame, and a circular frame, and even launched a butterfly type frame and other eye glasses. Female models show Leather-Round BY2004A, using a circular plate frame sunglasses with Bally bag for inspiration, metal, echoing the design of Bally handbag chain, glasses legs decorated with leather and chain belt, fashion show and bold style. Worthy of recommendation are Square BY2010A, cool fashion sunglasses with Zeiss lenses, and decorated with Bally logo stripes, as a kind of unique fashion elements, for the pursuit of fashionable women in the city. Butterfly BY2008A sunglasses frame large, round box with Bally logo design and decoration, is the perfect choice of any dress collocation. Round BY2003A oversized sunglasses, the use of tortoiseshell, and in the mirror legs decorated with Bally floating flower decoration, can attract attention from the opposite sex at any time.
Bally men sunglasses
For business, sports and leisure series, male models show Aviator BY4002A, with a pilot for inspiration, the use of leather and leather connecting frame leg, let you leave a good first impression. Men's sunglasses, thin section of rectangular frame and classic tortoise lines. Wayfarer BY4000A RETRO SUNGLASSES, joined the classic Hollywood style cool sense of serious, novel appearance, the use of iconic design, mirror legs decorated with Bally logo and decoration. Wayfarer BY4001A black and tortoiseshell two, high-quality materials collocation tough lines, highlighting the bearing of a man. Bally Stripe BY4009A is a square frame, frame design and wide, give people a sense of fortitude. Block-B BY4006A titanium carbon material, workmanship is impeccable, using the unique Block-B articulated, highlight fashion style.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

SUPER Sunglasses

SUPER is a brand created by publisher Daniel Beckerman of Italy magazine "PIG Magazine". SUPER sunglasses and Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses, adhering to the traditional design of Italy spirit. Exquisite workmanship, high quality materials, lenses using the German Zeiss lens, in the design of new elements of the integration of continuous design, to create a variety of excellent sunglasses.
SUPER is a brand with design, quality and price. Each design will strive for excellence, will use different elements, as customers continue to bring surprises. Quality is a very important link, so the brand since its inception, has always insisted on manufacturing in Italy, and all of the styles (whether optical mirrors are used or sunglasses) Zeiss lenses international famous, through a series of optical test, absolutely can protect the eyes by the sun. SUPER Sunglasses is a brand new in the world of sunglasses. It began in 2007 and began designing a series of brightly colored sunglasses. At that time in the fashion industry is one of the gunmen fashion single product. Now, SUPER is winning with a unique design style.
This series of three types of the flat top, SUPER's best-selling the Ciccio, the classic as a template, equipped with top of the golden Zeiss lens, and the color more plaque quality acetate fiber, strong anti wear material collocation, arm parts made of transparent glass, the engraved with gold brand name, and the joint project development, excellent workmanship, style luxury retro.
2013 summer, SUPER once again bring a series of superior style. From a collaboration with photographer Pauline Beaudemont REMEMBER series, lightweight and transparent acetate fiber REPETOIRE, with Italy in 90s style CLASSIC features an upgraded version of the GIANNI to set the retro, passion and luxury in a PAPPAGALLO, really let a person shine at the moment. Currently, the series of glasses can also be purchased through Hypebeast Store.
SUPER 2013 summer Cove series Sunglasses design inspiration from surfing. Design team in Flat Top, People and American profile with different colors of Carl Zeiss lens, creating a lively atmosphere of summer fun.
SUPER and A.P.C co designed two new frames, including men and women, all processes are completed in Italy. A.P.C. Lunettes Hommes founder together with rounded to perfect, all black and brown tone, suitable for men to wear; A.P.C. Lunettes Hommes female appearance smooth, bright color, the larger framework of lens colors are navy blue and light brown. Lenses are used in Germany Zeiss lens, Zeiss lens price and advantage has been a concern. High end lenses, high-end brands, its influence is also great.
SUPER 2013 autumn new sunglasses launched two classic styles, namely Leon and Primo. The frame is made of metal. Lenses from Italy's Barberini offers unique green and brown lenses. The design of embellishment and earpiece tortoise, namely high and mature.
Super glasses design will be combined with Hello Kitty, the integration of the Japanese street pop cultural elements. The frame stack of many Hello Kitty, showing the overall style sweet.
The latest SUPER WANDERISM series of glasses, a strong High-End 1980s fashion style, the use of crocodile skin and metal frame, round line design, revealed the overall profile of the classic. Retro fashion avant garde SUPER spring and summer sunglasses Drew style, lenses are used in Germany Zeiss Carl Zeiss lens, completed in Italy, wearing comfortable, but also very stylish.