Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 New Michael Kors

Michael Kors 2017 spring and summer series glasses new listing, Michael Kors is a luxury brand from the United States, the brand is the same fashion designer Michael Kors founded in 1981, headquartered in New York city. Michael Kors will be the luxury industry into a new stage and successfully created the concept of self expression and advocating life out of the ordinary, and the brand and past classic American luxury brand to distinguish Michael Kors has become the representative of American luxury life style. The following will be cheap Oakley sunglasses fashion division to introduce you in detail.
At present, through its signature Michael Kors series and MICHAEL Michael boutique Kors brand to produce a range of products, including accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, clothing, and glasses and a full range of fragrance products. Michael Kors glasses directly or through authorized partners, to open stores in the world's most prestigious City, including New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Milan, London, Paris, Munich, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Hongkong, Shanghai and Rio De Janeiro.
Behind this rapidly evolving fashion empire stands a remarkable master of design, with an innate charm and an eye for classic fashion trends. Michael Kors has won countless rings in the fashion world, and its philanthropy has been well received and respected and loved by millions of people. He has devoted himself to fashion and has developed a style of comfort, delicacy, fashion and style that has made the world a fast and luxurious lifestyle.
Recently, Michael Kors has brought us the new spring and summer 2017 series of glasses, we can find in the series, the designer between classic charm and modern avant-garde style, to achieve a perfect balance. Looking at Michael Kors sunglasses and optical glasses, the scene is reminiscent of a cozy sunny afternoon, bathed in the sunshine of Mount Beverly with friends. The new series of each one is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and custom design material, decorated with brand unique decorative details, such as the Michael Kors label gorgeous bright or enchanting embossed pendant. The style of publicity endows the series with exquisite, elegant and casual feelings.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Features Of Bvlgari Glasses

Founded in Rome in 1884, it originated in Ai Pi Ross, Greece, and the founder of the family, Sotirio Bulgari, started with precious silver carvings. After immigrating to Italy, he began to succeed in selling homemade silverware. In 70s of last century, Bvlgari was the starting point for international mileage. During that time, Bvlgari opened boutiques in New York, Paris, Geneva, and Monte carlo. Sotirio's two sons took over the family business in 1930 and began to cultivate their jewelry kingdom.
In 1940s, Bvlgari from Italy took the lead in breaking the dominant French tradition. In the jewelry production, it uses color as the design essence, and uses several different color stones to match and combine, and then uses the base of different materials to highlight the dazzling color of the gem.
Since the beginning of 40s last century, Bvlgari has entered a stage of diversified development, launched exquisite watches as a fashion accessory, and expanded its range of products to glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain and other products. However, even today, Bvlgari has also maintained the form of workshop production, which makes it both exquisite handicraft sense, but also has a deep artistic and artistic flavor, with a high collection value.
The combination of classicism in Greece and Rome, together with the exquisite manufacturing arts of Italy, created the unique style of Bvlgari products. Its color matching art overflow, dazzling, alternating interpretation of fashion and elegance. For years, Bvlgari products included both royals, politicians, celebrities, film and television stars, as well as successful middle class. Italy actress Sophia Roland has served as a jewelry spokesperson for Bvlgari.
Bvlgari glasses is known as the world unusual precious glasses, Bvlgari glasses will use reasonable jewelry materials to glasses, jewelry art top and the use of the design style, making Bvlgari luxury brand glasses have attracted much attention.
Bvlgari glasses embodies the strong classical Greece and Italy style, Rome jewelry school and Italy Renaissance finish created this style of product design, excellent quality, noble atmosphere, delicate and unique style by the world wide favorite.
Cheap Oakley sunglasses pay attention to details, the pursuit of quality and innovation, to create a timeless elegance of beauty.
The Bvlgari glasses series incorporates the Serpenti element. The perfect combination of jewelry and jewelry, the combination of precious metal and precious stones, and the perfect blend of acetate fibers broke the line between accessories and jewelry. Show Bvlgari DIVA glasses noble and elegant, but also with a lively charm.
Bvlgari glasses design more bold, superb technology. The fan shape of Bvlgari sunglasses used in classical decoration of ancient Rome caracalla. The arch shape was eventually injected into the design of the new glasses, giving a bold and three-dimensional fashion charm. In addition, the illusion of inlay, handmade crystal and enamel decorated with Diva shape, inlaid on the surface of the mirror legs.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Bvlgari Glasses

Bvlgari is famous for its top jewelry, but in addition, Bvlgari is also the treasure of fashion glasses. Bvlgari glasses exquisite jewelry materials used in glasses, products noble, quality excellence, atmosphere and meticulous, unique style, widely loved by the world.
Sexuality, passion and eternal charm are the characteristics of Bvlgari sunglasses. Bvlgari 2017 spring summer accessories series perfectly interprets these fascinating characteristics. A new ad campaign by the Lithuania supermodel Edita Vilkeviciute portrait interpretation, and invited the famous fashion photographer Mikael Jansson himself.
The sexuality and charm of the Bvlgari women represent the different charms of Italy women. The new advertising films show graceful atmosphere and free and confident attitude. In the free mood, it displays the bold and elegant Italian style represented by Bvlgari.
Mikael Jansson is the world's leading fashion photographer, adept at using his superb skills, shooting a rich, emotional blockbuster. Jansson's new blockbuster for Bvlgari is a perfect display of the style and essence of this season's accessories. Under neutral background, the figure of the model and the brown skin show no trace, and fully express the magnificent metallic texture of the new season and the exquisite and excellent production process.
Edita chose Bvlgari logo adorned with bronze and precious elements of sunglasses, color Serpenti Forever series and Bulgari Signature series Bvlgari bag flip bag etc.. The collocation and revealed to us Bvlgari women has many colorful style and life style, free mix, natural.
Each series deals with different personalities and styles, each of which has its own splendor. The same as cheap Oakleys. The Giardini Italiani series has the beauty and symmetry of the garden of Italy, which interprets the sensuous, bold and forthright aspects of the Bvlgari girl. The Bulgari Bulgari series is for constantly seeking new style and breakthrough trend leader. The rare qualities of the Gemme Le series provide women with timeless and seductive eternal charm. Diva sunglasses to convey delicate face and outstanding female charm.