Thursday, July 27, 2017

Salvatore Ferragamo&Miu Miu sunglasses

Salvatore Ferragamo is the famous Italian shoes brand, with "star Queen leather shoemaker" in the name of leather products and clothing design and accessories design, in the world reputation. Variety of styles, the integration of traditional manual design, elegant and practical. Recently, Salvatore Ferragamo launched Gancino elements thick frame glasses series, bringing excellent texture.
Salvatore Ferragamo launched Gancino elements thick frame glasses series, the classic metal Gancino design elements for the series of glasses to add a little low-key luxury. Very thick texture of the thick box is very gorgeous, with the classic metal Gancino hinge design elements, low-key luxury, Gancino ring logo design link into the glasses, bring a special personality taste.
Salvatore Ferragamo launched Gancino elements bold frame series of colors are used to mature mature deep color, to highlight the mature and stable temperament. Mirror legs with artificial mosaic Swarovski crystal, bright and beautiful, with metallic luster, more visual charm. The simple Ferragamo logo on the mirror legs highlights the unique identity of the series.
Salvatore Ferragamo launched Gancino elements bold frame glasses series, very stylish charm. Gancino elements of the use of glasses more refined luxury. In fact, Gancino elements were first designed to use Flamma di San Giuliano Ferragamo handbag, and now, Gancino elements are widely used in the accessories, bring more fashion charm.
Paris Fashion Week, Miu Miu show field can see the models show 2017 autumn and winter models of glasses series, with a unique style elements will be the perfect combination of different design elements together. Bright fabric, goatskin, crystal detail ornaments for the glasses series have added a lot of charm, interpretation of the elegant style.
2017 new autumn and winter Miu Miu sunglasses and optical frames will be the perfect interpretation of the beauty of lines, the bold use of the elements of conflict and the classic structure of the restructuring, the design of geometric lines, all for the series of glasses to bring a unique visual effects.
SMU 04R geometric irregular shape design, with elegant metal decoration, with the plate mirror legs, transmission of elegant temperament, but also highlights the delicate soft posture.
VMU 07O this optical frame will be elegant and elegant feminine temperament show the perfect, the top of the board frame dotted with a lot of small crystal, as well as the suede lace decoration, showing a noble and elegant charm, for the frame to add Infinite style.
SMU 08R Miu Miu glasses perfect combination of two exquisite elements, the Noir series of unique charm and Miu Miu elegant combination of elegance, elegant and elegant frame dotted with handmade diamond goat leather trim, such as the Galaxy shine, personality Full of charm.
Fake Ray Bans, Smart curve design, bringing the graceful elegance of women's temperament, exquisite unique architectural design, wrapped in metal along the frame texture, showing a delicate and elegant flavor, plate to create the arc design and metal texture perfect With, complement each other, to create an elegant mirror effect.
Fake Oakleys with a large lens covered in the frame above the lens against the background, the board frame on the bright ornaments on the faint show, showing a faint sense of beauty, so that more eye-catching sunglasses eye-catching.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bvlgari Frame

The Bvlgari family, derived from Greece, was deeply influenced by the classical Greek tradition, but it was carried forward under the influence of the Rome culture. Bvlgari glasses and outstanding because it is the one and only and precious, and in Bono, Dido, Beckham, Madonna and other stars and very popular, even with the change of the popular Bvlgari glasses, glasses always occupy a space for one person in the top brand.
Every Bvlgari frames after the initial inspiration germination, going through the designer and craftsman crafted, which has produced many classics, such as the elegant LE GEMME series, SERPENTI series of personality and flexible DIAGONO and Bvlgari series, DIVAS DREAM series and so on, are the classic series of glasses.
Fake Ray Bans bold interpretation of female inner beauty, highlighting women's unique personality, vitality and fashionable urban spirit and elegant charm, has created a series of unique style with a regular series of glasses, eyes as custom jewelry, precious material, style meaningful. LE GEMME series of glasses, gold-plated, flexible, cat's eye, acetate fiber glasses, dotted Amethyst eyes, giving people a bright sense of beauty.
A flexible rounded cellulose acetate eye with a scaly metallic ornament and crystal and enamel set at the front of the frame and the legs of the mirror, displaying noble qualities at all times. Fake Oakley sunglasses are noble, quality excellence, atmosphere and meticulous, unique style, widely loved by the world.
The optical glasses feature a balanced round frame with tubular mirrors with delicate, three-dimensional DIVAS DREAM fan patterns, inlaid with enamel and crystal, and elegant in luxury.
The rectangular glasses combine metal and acetate fiber to present a modern style with stylish, flexible mirror legs and a tubular design inspired by the geometry of the DIAGONO sports watch.
BVLGARI brand was founded in 1884, more than 100 years of development, so that it has created countless famous top class jewelry, with its excellent quality, new style, become the world's top quality brand. The accomplishments of Bvlgari on glasses are inseparable from the embellishment of jewelry.
BVLGARI 2013 DIVA glasses series continue its consistent luxury style, and use color design, precious metal and gem perfect embellishment, to create a unique style. The special glasses is to break the boundaries between accessories and jewelry, precious metals and precious stones luster and acetate materials perfect exquisite fusion, not only highlights the diversity of Bvlgari and active creativity, more women will show the most incisive touching charm.
BVLGARI 2013 DIVA glasses are made of lavender, violet and acetate fiber. The cat shaped frame is eye-catching. Its front frame is decorated with platinum and bright diamonds. The front frames of the glasses use nifty geometric elements reminiscent of the charming long eyelashes, just as the celebrities of the 1960s have. The very soft design contains the exquisite skills of the jeweler: first, the acetate fiber is carefully shaped and cut by hand, while the platinum part is individually forged and then fixed to the frame. Then, carefully selected different shapes, different sizes of diamonds skillfully inlaid on the design, to create a charming combination of dazzling. Lavender purple lens and acetate fiber, soft and transparent color, perfect echo, exudes attractive feminine charm.
BVLGARI 2013 DIVA glasses, another glasses is truly embodies the bold creativity of the masterpiece, can be perfect to demonstrate the style of BVLGARI SUNGLASSES has always been. It brings to mind the colorful Carnival dance, and the 60s style big frame sunglasses were designed as a mask supported by a side mirror leg to recreate the luxury of the eighteenth Century Venice celebration. At that time, masks were often adorned with valuable decorations, exquisite workmanship, and real art. Masks are often used in ceremonies to disguise the presence of a person, who can dance in a mysterious atmosphere. This unique work is decorated with platinum and emerald rose patterns, with colorful feathers at the top.