Thursday, August 23, 2018

Fake Oakleys EVZero, Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses

Fake Oakley sunglasses introduces the EVZero range, Oakley's lightest high performance sports eyewear collection. The collection includes cheap Oakleys EVZero Range and knockoff Oakleys EVZero Path models. Both are available with the revolutionary Prizm lens technology that adjusts light to increase contrast and thus improve vision in different environmental conditions.
 cheap Oakleys EVZero
Foakleys Prizm lenses have been specifically designed to adapt the vision to certain environments (trail or road) and sports specialties. The result at the performance level is better performance and greater security when optimizing vision.
With only 22 gr., The new EVZero Path is Oakley's lightest high-performance frame. Thanks to this innovative and lightweight design, Oakley has reduced the weight of most sports sunglasses by 15%. The ultralight EVZero Path are designed for speed. Its innovative frameless design provides great toric protection. These are the definitive multisport sunglasses, for training, running and much more.
Slightly larger than the Paths, the EVZero Range offers an extended view, making them ideal for cycling. They combine a very light high-quality sport frame (24g) with excellent toric protection and an extended field of vision in the upper peripheral region.
Collection: fake Oakleys EVZero
. EVZero Path _ (22g)
. EVZero Range _ (24g)
Prizm Technology:
. Prizm Road _ Improves vision in both bright light and shadow conditions, helping to visualize texture changes on the road surface.
. Prizm Trail _ Enhances reds and browns to quickly detect sand, rocks, roots or other obstacles in either shadow or bright light.
. Prizm Daily Polarized _ The muted colors warm and enrich to achieve a greater contrast and a more relaxed vision.