Wednesday, May 10, 2017

EYNY Sunglasses

Children accessories brand, EYNY kidsanthropology was born in 2015. The founder of Rex with rich fashion industry background, hoping to start from their own parenting experience, help contemporary mom dad tide tide grow up healthily and happily in the protection of children at the same time, shaping the kids better aesthetic shape from children to their own taste.
EYNY sunglasses the trend extends to the children of the world, let them have the opportunity to experience with their parents the same fashion style, broaden their horizons, contact more choices. At the same time, from the choice of materials to the production of the details of the moment to the children healthy growth as the primary consideration, and constantly updated, for the contemporary fashion of young mothers to provide children light luxury fashion single product.
The appearance of the sunglasses and the shape of the scallop is regarded as a classic and elegant style. So far has been injected into different fashion ideas to be updated. EYNY launched the blue mirror, pink mirror and brown classic color, this summer is the best choice for children.
EYNY D FRAME Sunglasses inspired by the classic travelers sunglasses. As one of the most popular styles, all-match framework design reflects the modern low-key good temperament. This year's new blue and pink marble frame is more unique.
EYNY Cat Eye Sunglasses filled with a strong sense of retro. From the beginning of the last century in 50s, cat eye glasses have become the hearts of women love. If the cat eyes like tail pick lines, facial lines with whimsical and cute character. Brand brings two different radian mirror design, to provide more choices for different face baby.
Fake Ray Bans Round have a unique style, mellow and clever frame line with the collision or the color of the same color system, showing the children are not wearing the same personality.
Square cheap Oakley Sunglasses highlight the neutral charm, clear and simple lines with the classic black frame set off clean and simple personality.

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