Monday, December 18, 2017

MCM Glasses

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The famous German brand MCM has recently joined the US eyewear group Marchon Eyewear, Inc. in the fashion landmark - Beijing Intime Center in01, the world's first release of the brand's first full line of sunglasses and optical glasses. Many guests and the popular strength idol Bo Ran together witnessed the release of MCM glasses series, but also to further expand Marchon in the field of fashion in China market.
With operations in more than 100 countries and headquartered in Marchon, New York, USA, has extensive industry experience and has been synonymous with innovative design and cutting-edge technology processes since 1983. Marchon Asia Pacific Managing Director Ms. Connie Lai said in an interview: "The first series of MCM spectacles to be held during the Beijing International Optics Fair is based on the development strategy of Asia Pacific, a high-growth regional expansion, as well as for the Chinese luxury goods Market, and we hope to bring higher quality products and services to Chinese consumers. "For Mr. Zhang Zhaoyu, general manager of Marchon China, who cooperates with the MCM brand who started to make advanced travel leather goods," This time is very Honored to work with MCM, MCM exquisite traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion design lead the trend, the design of their glasses series is also very unique and innovative, such as iconic rivets in a more compact form appear in the framework of the glasses; Symbol MCM noble brass nameplate, also placed on the mirror legs to form a unique and elegant decoration.
Activity site, well Bai Ran wear black MCM autumn and winter glasses with MCM autumn and winter series of handsome appearance, quickly ignited the conference site. During the interview, he shared his own fashion experience: Whether it is traveling or walking in the streets, MCM sunglasses always create a stylish look. The introduction of the full range of MCM glasses inherits the brand image of MCM's continuous innovation and exploration. The combination of classic elements and modern aesthetics highlights the cultural spirit of MCM rooted in Bavaria, Germany. The details of exquisite, full of contemporary sense of the MCM optical glasses are able to match the amazing variety of elegant retro style, so that even at work you can have their own trend anytime, anywhere fashion.

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