Sunday, March 27, 2022

How to have big eyes

Everyone wants to have big eyes that are as innocent as a deer, because big eyes look more lovable. Now, as long as you master a few tricks, you can also have a pair of charming big eyes.

Enlarge eyes naturally

Ensure enough sleep. Habitual staying up late and lack of sleep can easily lead to red and dry eyes. If you want to have a pair of big eyes, the first thing to do is to ensure enough sleep. Our eyes need at least five hours of rest every night to get rid of eye strain. And at least seven hours of sleep a night can keep your body in good shape.

Drink more water. Puffy eyes indicate that the body is dehydrated. To effectively prevent puffy eyes, you must first meet the body's daily hydration. The ideal state is to drink eight glasses of water a day. If your working environment cannot meet your drinking water needs, you can bring a water bottle, fill it with water every day and go out, and replenish water anytime, anywhere. Keeping your body well hydrated isn't just good for your eyes, your body also benefits a lot. When we are well hydrated, we can noticeably feel a sense of arousal both physically and mentally.

Keep your face hydrated. Doing a good job of moisturizing around the eyes can effectively improve the condition of the eyes. Of course, the moisturizing work of the entire face cannot be ignored. Moisturizing the face makes it look more vibrant, while also improving the condition of the eyes. A moisturizing cream is recommended for facial care, while the eye area is maintained with a dedicated eye cream. Because the skin around the eyes is relatively sensitive, eye creams on the market are usually mild in nature, so you don't have to worry about using them even for sensitive skin.

Although you can just use a regular moisturizing cream, after using a functional moisturizing eye cream, you will see how different the effect of eye cream and regular face cream is. Eye creams are more effective at helping smooth fine lines around the eyes than face creams.

Massage the eyes. Proper eye massage can promote blood circulation, improve eye condition, and reduce dark circles. Gently massage the eye area in circular motions. It is recommended to use a special eye massager to develop a good habit of massaging the eyes. Ordinary eye massagers are usually not too expensive and can also reduce the exchange of oil on the hands and face. In addition, the massager designed according to the skin around the eyes can also promote blood circulation around the eyes.

Of course, you can also massage with your hands. However, when massaging the eye area with your hands, there should be no excess oil on your hands, including oily creams. Otherwise, the oil exchange between the skin of the hands and the face is likely to irritate the skin and cause other skin problems.

Eye exercise. No matter what part of your body, the best way to look better is to exercise. Eye exercises won't actually make your eyes bigger, but they will make them look healthier and more energetic. Therefore, eye exercise is the key to enlarge the eyes, and it is a link that cannot be ignored.

Quickly shift your gaze between near and far objects, which helps shorten the time your eyes focus when looking at things.

Orientation of the eye can improve the ability of the eyes to turn and shorten the reaction time of the eyes. First, fix your head in a certain direction, stay still, and then turn your eyes to the four directions of up, down, left, and right. Look as far as possible in every direction, the farther you can see, the better. The effect of this exercise will be obvious.

Allow your eyes to adjust to dim light. We all know that pupils adjust in size according to the light intensity of the environment a person is in. Pupils dilate in dim environments to catch light. So adapting the eyes to dim light naturally dilates the pupils, thereby visually dilating our eyes. Conversely, the stronger the light, the smaller the pupil. Therefore, if you want to keep your pupils naturally enlarged, try to avoid places with strong light.

Related research shows that in addition to the actual light intensity of the surrounding environment, the imagined light intensity of the brain can also control the pupil size. Suppose you are in a place with a certain amount of light, and the pupil is the natural size; at this time, imagine that the surrounding environment is dimmed, and the pupil will be affected by the brain, thereby dilating.

Use an eye mask. Applying an eye mask for ten minutes a day can reduce the chance of inflammation around the eyes. Applying an eye mask regularly can soften the skin around the eyes and make the eyes look radiant and sparkling. [8] If you don't have an eye mask, you can use ice cubes to gently massage in circular motions around your eyes for a few minutes for the same effect.

use eye makeup

Apply eye shadow. Eye shadow can draw other people's attention to your eyes and visually enlarge the eyes. When applying eye makeup, it is best to apply eye shadow first, then mascara and eyeliner. This ensures a harmonious eye makeup tone. The shade and specific color of the eyeshadow should be based on the color of your eyeballs. What suits others may not suit you.

Most people have brown pupils, and brown pupils can basically match any color of eyeshadow. For example, purple is very suitable.

It is best to use eye shadows in earth tones for blue pupils, and brown and gray tones are very suitable.

Green pupils are more suitable for lighter warm tones. A lilac or golden brown eyeshadow would work well.

The color of the eye shadow is best not to conflict with your own eye color, otherwise it will make the eyes look strange.

Eyeliner is best to use white or nude color. Nude eyeliner can naturally and effectively enlarge the eyes and make the eyes look more energetic. Because the nude color eyeliner is close to the original color of the skin, it is not easy to detect, and it is very versatile, not picking skin color and eye shadow color. In contrast, white eyeliner is more obvious, but the magnification effect is better.

Apply a shadow on the lower lid and apply nude or white liner near the base of your lower lashes to make your eyes look bigger.

Draw cat eye liner. Thick and long eyeliner can effectively enlarge the eyes visually. It is recommended to use a liquid eyeliner, and draw the eyeliner from the end of the eye forward. Remember, the end of the eye should be extended at the end, and the end should be drawn with a sharp effect. This kind of cat eye liner is very common, and it is relatively simple to draw. There are many ways to teach you how to draw this cat eye liner.

Remember to prime your eyes. Choose the lightest eyeshadow shade that suits your skin tone. Light-colored eye shadow primer can emphasize the eyeliner, especially when using dark eyeliner, the contrast between light and dark eyeliner can maximize the visual enlargement of the eyes.

Apply false eyelashes. False eyelashes can be useful if you want people to notice your eyes. False eyelashes can make eyes look bigger and more attractive. False eyelashes can lengthen the eyelashes, enlarge the eye socket, and visually enlarge the eyes. Apply eyelash glue to the roots of false eyelashes, and then stick to the roots of your own eyelashes. Although false eyelashes do not really enlarge the eyes, they can present the effect of "pulling the eyes open", thereby visually enlarging the eyes.

Brightens the eye area. Similar to the light-colored eyeliner mentioned above, white polarized eye shadow or sequins can make the eyes look more energetic. After painting the light-colored eyeliner, put a layer of white eyeshadow or two brighteners on the eye area. When highlighting, make sure the smudge is natural, without clumping, and that the smudge doesn't extend beyond the brows.

The effect drawn by white polarized light and sequin eye shadow is generally exaggerated, which is suitable for some specific occasions. But if you like, you can also start with a little bit of daily makeup.

If you are new to makeup, it may take a little more practice to paint and brighten well. If you haven't tried it before, this new challenge might give you an interesting experience.

Eyes can be brightened with other colors of sequins, and brightening has the effect of highlighting objects in vision, so eye-brightening can make the eyes look bigger.

Refined eyes

Curls the eyelashes. Even if your lashes are naturally curly, use an eyelash curler regularly. The eyelashes are the outermost layer of the eye, and curling the eyelashes can expand the orbital area, so that the eyes look larger. Put the eyelash curler against the root of the eyelashes, hold the eyelashes for three seconds, and the eyelashes will curl naturally. It is best not to exceed three seconds, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the eyelashes.

Wear contact lenses. There is basically no difference between beauty contact lenses and ordinary transparent contact lenses, the only difference is that the color lenses are colored. The colored outer ring of the color contact lens can cover part of the white of the eye to achieve the effect of dilating the pupil. With just one pair of contact lenses, you can have big eyes like Bambi in Japanese animation. Contact lenses are very popular in East Asia. If you don't have contact lenses in stores in your area, you can choose to buy them online. Some eye hospitals also sell beauty contact lenses, which are prescription medical supplies and are not expensive. In addition, LensCircle, a website that specializes in selling contact lenses, is also a good choice.

However, wearing contact lenses carries certain risks, and the most serious one can lead to blindness. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification is not yet available. However, there is no definite research to prove whether the risk of wearing contact lenses is as great as said. Others thought it might just be a shocking rumor. Nonetheless, if you decide to wear contact lenses, wear and care for them properly to reduce the risk of injury.

Take off your cheap Gucci sunglasses. Thick lenses in front of your eyes can make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. If your lenses are very thick, just take off the glasses and you can restore your big eyes. Compared to nearsightedness, pupillary misalignment is less easy to spot and relatively easy to correct. If economic conditions permit, laser surgery can solve many vision problems once and for all. In addition to that, a smaller pair of lenses can also solve this problem.