Thursday, November 10, 2016

BOLON Sunglasses

BOLON glasses as China's leading brand of optical industry, under the Xiamen Yarui Optical, and in 2013 joined the Essilor Group. Since the establishment of the brand since the BOLON sunglasses always adhere to high-quality design, materials and technology of the three major advantages, while forming their own unique light luxury style, has become a personality and fashion to the best carrier. In 2014, BOLON became one of the top 100 listed companies in Forbes, and was named to the Top 500 Asian Brands in the same year. 2015, "modern elegance" has become the essence of BOLON brand, to create different glasses on the new aesthetic.

As the world's leading optical eyewear company, Essilor is committed to improving the design, manufacture high-quality lenses, while using their own extensive market for people to contribute to the protection of vision. Essilor flagship brand Miles Road, drilling crystal, the whole line of sight, in 100 countries and regions worldwide sales and production, and set up R & D center.
Speaking of Hu Jun, walking hormones, Alpha character, the main general offensive, this series of super-man with the new words in Hu Jun are very appropriate. In the past few years from fans of various nicknames "flourishing", are Hu Jun shoulders more than enough to carry, the title of the ambiguous oath: the tough guy Hu Jun, is big step meteor to walk in public view.
Under the lens of Hu Jun wear BOLON BL8001 pilot models sunglasses, tough guy image showing the natural hero of the gas. Life of Hu Jun, is a heart, do not want people. Do not want, is derived from a man's responsibility. Dedication to filming, family attention, wife care, children love, this is his practice of heroism in life complex. Both the innate hero of the gas, there are years of precipitation deep wisdom.

BOLON BL8001 take traditional pilot style as its inspiration, into the fashion line design and multi-material elements to create colorful aviator style, classic continuation.
BOLON BL8003 take the detail as the most important, the concept of work from the men's charm, quality and texture to create a detailed design details of the modern new gentleman.
BOLON BL6011 60's classic style as inspiration, into modernism and a variety of new materials to improve the design, subversion, the continuation of the classic concept.

Hu Jun with retro MOD sunglasses BL6011, BL8001 pilot sunglasses, BL8003 sunglasses and narrow body British suit the essence of these three times to the magic of the Covenant. In the pure hormone catalysis, were demonstrated domineering president of the wind, sailing holiday winds and yuppies play cool wind, please feel warm and domineering Hu total small universe.

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