Thursday, November 10, 2016

OLIVER PEOPLES Join THE ROW to Launch a New Sunglasses.

In all the fashion items, it is estimated that no one can be more popular than sunglasses! Its natural temperament, is simply to become the focus of the existence! So you found it, almost no star will go out without wearing OLIVER PEOPLES sunglasses, perhaps to cover tired, perhaps for its own full gas field!
Say the picture is the most practical language, that is good, there is time to describe the text may seem pale, but the picture will not, every detail, every wipe color, are using the tangible picture in describing its maverick , It's rebellious!
OLIVER PEOPLES join THE ROW to launch a new series of cooperation sunglasses.
The series will be THE ROW feminine retro temperament and OLIVER PEOPLES elegant temperament to integrate the new interpretation of the classic O'MALLEY-based play style.
THE ROW and OLIVER PEOPLES announced that they will launch a new series, the core concept is: to create a feminine classic retro style. The series will be composed of six models, are the classic Oliver Peoples new interpretation, both the professional charm of the business models, there are leisure-style midnight style. Inspired by the classic Oliver Peoples design, the collection combines the Southern California style with the comfort of The ROW and the low-key elegance. Each eyewear is available in optical and sunglasses with a custom-made mineral glass tint for this collection. Throughout the series, everywhere can be seen two unique style design elements, such as metal core lines and low-key bridge of the nose.
O'Malley NYC is the brightest of the series, so unique. To THE ROW sunglasses unique feminine temperament re-architecture Oliver Peoples classic O'Malley. The series also marks the first time that Oliver Peoples has been able to build their classic style beyond the brand's design philosophy.

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