Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ten Best Sunglasses

Not only can be used to cool dress, can use it to protect the eyes of shading. Sunglasses can also be used as a fashion or embodiment of personal style of special accessories, and has become a necessity for people to travel. Here for you to select the best sunglasses, are word of mouth, popularity and other aspects of the products have been recognized by everyone, I believe you can choose the most suitable for their own.

Ford Tom Polarized Sunglasses TF211
Using the most luxurious materials, bold fashion design, and all kinds of small details of the deal, showing the most perfect works. This classic style glasses with gold T shape decoration in leg fold, leg and frame position wearing no friction skin feeling, can bring you a comfortable, hearty feeling.

Ray-Ban pilot series of colorful RB3025 Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB3025 sunglasses is the world's one of the most recognizable style of sunglasses, with its unique combination and teardrop shape reflective lens design to rewrite the market standard. Wearing this Aviator pilot style sunglasses, there are a variety of colors for your choice, including gold brown reflective, silver green reflective, pink brown reflective and crystal green reflection, etc., to ensure that you never be ignored.

Prada SPR 27N Sunglasses Baroque auspicious clouds clouds
Prada product value has been regarded as a special enjoyment in daily life, and the retro round box SPR27N auspicious clouds spectacle frame has led to the trend of the times. Design of large frame is very big in wear, although foreign brands, but the nose is based on face design of Asians, wear and face more docile.

Jane's BUllY BIG Sunglasses
This is the latest popular round box glasses design, with Phnom Penh to make Sunglasses with a point of ancient atmosphere. Sunglasses use all of Italy plate production, the frame is a special aviation material, ultra light and high strength, durable without deformation. The mercury coating layer increases the transmittance and clarity, and effectively prevents the damage to the eyes. Nose design is fully in line with the Asian human body engineering design, fit and comfortable.

GUCCI GG3685 Sunglasses
Mirror arm with classic natural bamboo, including coffee, tortoiseshell and marble three styles. The sun glasses design is simple. The product uses the natural bamboo details, and in the lens of laser Gucci brand identity, the more unique classic glasses. The inner side of the glasses legs of the glasses is also engraved with the GUCCI brand logo, and offers a variety of unique colors to choose.

Fendi FF0060/S Cat Eye Sunglasses
This Fendi sunglasses use image charming cat style design, angular transparent frames decorated with triangular metal, herringbone glasses decorated with pav crystal, slightly elegant luxury.
Chlo transparent round sunglasses CE114S
This Chlo sunglasses, inherited the Chlo's romantic aesthetic feeling, is face the legendary artifact, the big face wear it, can change in seconds and this beautiful little face, radian on any nose is also no pressure! A soft, rounded frame with rounded corners, especially for a person with a square face and a heart shaped face.

BOLON BL5002 Rex Polarized Sunglasses
The sunglasses from designer charming little draw designed essence, picture frame, metal lines, three-dimensional cutting eye outline mirror legs, the glasses frame and the glasses legs hollow and echo. The profile of the actual situation with special material, meticulous craft and fashion details, and cast the star cool fashion, both stylish and practical.

Dior SOREAL Sunglasses
The elegant design with leopard frame, fashion and classic. Dynamic frame with mirror design is very chic and steal the spotlight, fusion of avant-garde and retro elements of black lenses and futuristic framework novelty cleverly showcased another glamour women.

Dolce&Gabbana exquisite carved hollow leg DG4212A
With acetate fiber or nylon frame rich elasticity, anti fire and anti chemical erosion, the color will never die. Design and manufacturing philosophy frame, and creation of the lens material and accurate theory of an identical nature as durable, never wear comfortable, very thoughtful face.
A revolution of fashion and taste has been lifted from the moment you put on it, it is so simple to wear it and taste it.

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