Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Big Frame and Fashion Sunglasses - Wildfox

Wildfox Couture is a company headquartered in Losangeles, with a retro style shirt and sweater brand Juicy is the second compilation, Couture gradually by the United States 80 or even 90 love brand, its style as the name Wildfox, free, uninhibited, rebellious, wild and sexy. Juicy Couture with a classic style known, with the California Wildfox is another kind of attitude: she is the kind of cool and rebellious, let the teacher and parents some headaches bad girl, "like the Linsday Lohan movie mean girl".
"We are wild, and alive." This is WILDFOX's brand slogan. Founder Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon are childhood sweetheart, since its inception in 2007, has become the spirit of the index support by young fashion men and women.
When it comes to the most wanted sunglasses, it must be the Wildfox from the United Kingdom, but why? This is because the value is too high and looks amazing.
Unique retro character T, party girls, Indian color, will re-interpretation of the classic style of the 80s, adding modern pop elements, generous show the beauty of American style dazzling self-confidence, which will become the super-self in the eyes of the young girl.
Wildfox sunglasses series in recent years has gradually attracted the attention of fashion people, whose design themes will be popular elements of the 1980s and modern avant-garde style of combining to create a unique fashion charm.
Wildfox Dynasty sunglasses of big frame are the new style of 2016 spring and summer. Big metal frame in addition to make the face looks petite and exquisite, the more exposed domineering fashion.
Dynasty sunglasses to outline the metal frame of the avant-garde style, to create alternative visual effects in the color, which is a domineering fashion accessories.
US actress Vanessa - Huggins in the social network PO out of the same paragraph, set off the good face.
There are four color options, CR-39 lenses, width 59mm, 100% anti-ultraviolet.

WILDFOX transmit being brave to show and love the indulgent gesture. If you do not know how to be yourself, then can life have any fun?

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