Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dior Sunglasses

In the early spring show, Dior to prepare for the Signes custom Panama hat, sunscreen, help drying oil, perfume, Diorama mini bag, as well as the protagonist of this article - from last year's very fire explosion So Real sunglasses!
When the jewelry wear and design will encounter a collision what spark? Dior So Real gives a wonderful demonstration. Retro line design in the past Dior Lady series is not common, and at this time the fusion of avant-garde and retro elements of the black lens and the full sense of the future frame is novel and cleverly demonstrated the different charm of women.
There are two models of So and Real look similar to the brothers that DIOR TECHNOLOGIC and DIOR REFLECTED, both of them are with other Pantos features, in the style of a modified in some sense lines to win some metal frames of affection, love his buddies note, so difficult to distinguish the style to be careful about louqie.
Dior Reflected sunglasses to re interpretation of the Pantos modeling interesting material mix. Rose gold plating thin metal frame, collocation of geometric modeling mirror holder Bleu Marine double color synthetic resin, fine feet.
Summer fashion show Dior Technologic sunglasses, featuring contemporary elegant pantos styling. The hollow gold metal frame, with the same color of ultra-thin reflective lenses and matte black synthetic resin foot mirror each other.
Dior women's creative director Raf Simons in the spring and summer fashion show, will be advanced custom elements into the clothing design, interpretation of the charm of different cities. In terms of accessories is also very interesting, Dior Technologic Sunglasses has become the focus of attention in addition to clothing.
This time the sunglasses with avant-garde modern flavor, including silver, gold tone color tone, tone, cool black silver (silver metal frame with a blue gradient flat lens), cool Golden (gold metal frame with gradient Brown flat lens). Whether you are assertive personality, or deep low-key, always have this Dior glasses can always fit you.

Summer fashion show Dior So Real Sunglasses using disintegrated Pantos modeling, the construction line and the spirit of custom fashion perfect fusion. The black synthetic resin frame lightweight compact, metal decorative details black collocation. Silver semi reflective lens, 100% UV protection.

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