Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci is a Italy luxury brand, has always been to high-grade, luxurious, sexy and famous, "the symbol of status and wealth" brand become rich consumer society darling, has been favored by the business community, while yet elegant fashion.
As an international luxury big line Gucci, which relates to the field of distraction from the charming perfume, simple to stereo tailoring to the classical exquisite jewelry, and generous and practical bags, by all people of all ages to fashion. And there is a Gucci product, is all the fashion people's summer fashion boutique, that is, Gucci sunglasses.

Recently, Gucci is pleased to publish a new series of sunglasses in Havana special shooting video, the short film by Harris Christopher and Simmonds Gregory palm mirror. Short film location selected in Malibu, California, people can not help but recall the movie Swimmer The in the opening scene. The private pool party to create romantic atmosphere, beautiful people between the charm of games, exquisite Havana Sunglasses cleverly covered their eyes, even more mysterious dreamy.

Havana Gucci series of sunglasses using design concept exaggerated, in a frame decorated with various eye-catching Havana markings, reshaping the elegant style of 60s. A new series of sunglasses and optical frames with distinctive yellow, blue, red and brown with exquisite craftsmanship, the one and only give a new glasses more delicate appearance, the perfect fusion of classic and exquisite avant-garde style, luxury and beauty.

This GUCCI fashion sunglasses, modified face large framed shape can better highlight the men's fashion, leopard frame taste, let each wearer in the travel more calm self-confidence, coupled with the black mirror calm side, the achievements of a classic fashion accessories. The GUCCI logo glasses on, reflect the origin of elegant texture.
New Gucci Havana series sunglasses in the world of Gucci stores and high-end boutique glasses shop sales.

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