Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Linda Farrow Glasses

British senior eyewear brand Linda Farrow recently launched 2016 Christmas limited sunglasses. Four glasses are designed with gold lenses, this Christmas brings brilliant glory. China area only a limited sale of Pu Yi and its Glasstique glasses.
In the past, the elegant atmosphere of the advanced uniforms, as well as the charm of the charm of worship, but also the famous London designer Erdem Moralioglu aesthetic markers. His design also shows these qualities everywhere, with Linda Farrow Gallery launched 2016 Christmas limit is no exception.
The designer brand classic cat eye glasses in the shape of modeled with round lenses, Cecil British Book taste penetration. Circular lens outside the frame angular, more hollow design, highlighting the lens and the face, with the actual situation of the contrast of the soul.

Black gold acetate fiber tough collocation frame lenses, the collision of color contrast and strong impact force.
Cellulose acetate frame is transparent light, mirror legs embedded within the golden metal lines, transparent, echoing with the golden lens in the details reflect the designer's intentions and delicate.
Full of feminine charm metal collocation black cat eye frames and thin leg, golden lens and the same color metal frame each other, showing subtle changes and charming in a different light.

Linda Farrow sunglasses brand was founded in 1970, was one of scholar and celebrities around the London Fashion accessories. Fashion designer Linda Farrow was first put into the list of fashion sunglasses, and insight into the pulse of the times, launched a number of avant-garde exceptional glasses series. Love to try and innovation, she is still the first to create a lot of fashion is still popular classic style. Her design of luxury, innovative and avant-garde pursuing, brand wrote nearly 40 years of magnificent history. Today, Linda Farrow still often collaborate with designers internationally, and launched a superb collection of beautiful things RETRO SUNGLASSES, become the leading fashion brand hall.

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