Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sunglasses Collocation

Large cheap Oakley sunglasses are summer street single, in which help you resist ultraviolet light does not penetrate to the eyes at the same time, you also blocked his beautiful eyes, don't curl eyelashes, vivid stereo long large eyes and let the charm? With a little bit of care and other parts of the site can also make a good return rate.
When we cover half the face with outlet Ray Ban sunglasses, you don't need makeup, as long as the most basic foundation is good, and then highlight the eyebrow or lip shape is good.
Makeup for the skin to do a good job of water and oil balance, first deposited a mask and then makeup is more durable and easy to take off makeup.
Painted a good sunscreen, lay a good foundation, use BB cream or cushion CC cream for the flaw on your face all contact; if it is exposed to the eyebrows painted eyebrows and clear lenses, stylish, if like this big picture lens, simply the eyebrow eye makeup; if the lens cover facial features, prominent lip color the spirit, if the lenses have exposed eyebrow eyebrow portrait of a very domineering, lips painted pink meat show neutral side is also very beautiful.
The reflector has been the fashion tide people out of the street suction eye of choice, Zhang Ziyi wearing this lens reflects the enchanting green and blue light, the skin looks pink embellish transparent, with a vigorous coral color red, slightly provoked thin eyebrows and a small smile looks very happy.
Yang Mi's Square sunglasses are cool. She looked coldly, serious in speech and manner, assistant behind gallant. A special makeup flawless uniform dark brown, thick black eyebrows and square Sunglasses together reveals Yang Mi's presence.
Zhang Yuqi went to the seaside for a holiday to relax, wearing a diving suit, tie a ponytail, wearing a blue mirror reflecting the beautiful water. Skin white and delicate without makeup, lips painted light lipstick is full of vigor.
Where is Wang Luodan going to carry the box? The wind blows her sunglasses with the natural hair so that the face is more exquisite, fresh nude make-up looks really natural and warm.
Tang Yan wore sunglasses, hat down, do not look confident I could not recognize this, her long hair scattered on both sides of a repair effect. Pink lip balm is very sweet, white skin is a good dress.
Jing Tian's reflective lenses are stunning, good face V.
The big lovely Janice Man lens, but set off her V face and white skin, white and tender love.
The beauty of Zhang Zilin lying on the grass and enjoy the sunshine all the good mood, the skin is very delicate, moist lipstick powder reveals health good complexion.

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