Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stylish Sunglasses Recommendation

Although it's spring, but the sun still shook your eyes. You need a pair of both sunlight and can create a powerful aura sunglasses.
Shwood use wood and famed Portland glasses manufacturer recently another new release. The Francis model is modeled, handmade wooden materials. Francis has a rounded outline and excellent durability. In order to make the design more coherent, a mirror is also equipped with a key hole bridge and wood fragments of the decoration, and a comparison shows that cellulose acetate frames fine texture.
In addition, Shwood is also used to solve the wood products exclusive beeswax coating brittle and easily soft faults. It is reported that the new Francis series of black, tortoiseshell, gray, mahogany color selection.
Now more and more cross-border phenomenon. As a well-known shoe brand in Miami, Del Toro has been in the United States design, Italy production, cutting-edge and professional quality. But the Del Toro in glasses stage, teamed up with Reds to bring new sunglasses series.
Simple and classic aesthetic framework continues Del Toro shoes in the superior design sense, color also provides dark tortoise, light tortoise and eye-catching cobalt.
Del Toro started on the glasses product cooperative interest has never receded since last season, this time the United States' s Outfitters Red's high-end mirror mirror, bring new collection. Red s Outfitters is the United States traditional glasses manufacturers, but the luxurious, stylish and top craftsmanship from Italy, is sit up and take notice.
Del Toro X 's Outfitters brings a series of sunglasses for the summer beach wear series, Red. The blue clear dream as the core through the sunglasses design, and the main framework to Portofino model is modeled, and contains three Cobalt, Blonde Haven and Havana.
New York famous street brand ALIFE and glasses brand Sunpocket launched a new series of Kauai folding sunglasses, can be said to be in this month's attention.
Fashionable and functional concept is the core of this series, all frames are made of polycarbonate material, and according to the classic Wayfarer sunglasses in the design, the introduction of a variety of colors.
New York Street brand ALIFE recently teamed famous brand sunglasses Sunpocket sunglasses released "KAUAI Sunglasses" series of cross-border joint new sunglasses. Sunpocket is the most familiar consumer is more color, produced by folding sunglasses, lens like mirror, passed out of fashion and functional concept, while the "KAUAI Sunglasses" series is presented based on Intelligent lightweight folding frame.
The frame adopts full folding design, with the traditional hinge. There are matte black, white stripes and white for optional, which frame to the orange reflective lens is cool.

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