Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How About Bally Sunglasses

As Bally's new category, Bally sunglasses will also be like shoes, accessories so memorable? Bally was born in 1851 in the Swiss brand, its name is Barry Chinese. It is expected to create a meaningful engaging style, not deliberately exaggerated emphasis on popular feeling. Bally innovation, in January 2012 announced the development of glasses with the international group of glasses TWC-L'AMY series. In your eyes, what do you think of Bally sunglasses?
Bally woman Sunglasses
The city is divided into two series of fashion, sports and leisure, not only the square frame, and a circular frame, and even launched a butterfly type frame and other eye glasses. Female models show Leather-Round BY2004A, using a circular plate frame sunglasses with Bally bag for inspiration, metal, echoing the design of Bally handbag chain, glasses legs decorated with leather and chain belt, fashion show and bold style. Worthy of recommendation are Square BY2010A, cool fashion sunglasses with Zeiss lenses, and decorated with Bally logo stripes, as a kind of unique fashion elements, for the pursuit of fashionable women in the city. Butterfly BY2008A sunglasses frame large, round box with Bally logo design and decoration, is the perfect choice of any dress collocation. Round BY2003A oversized sunglasses, the use of tortoiseshell, and in the mirror legs decorated with Bally floating flower decoration, can attract attention from the opposite sex at any time.
Bally men sunglasses
For business, sports and leisure series, male models show Aviator BY4002A, with a pilot for inspiration, the use of leather and leather connecting frame leg, let you leave a good first impression. Men's sunglasses, thin section of rectangular frame and classic tortoise lines. Wayfarer BY4000A RETRO SUNGLASSES, joined the classic Hollywood style cool sense of serious, novel appearance, the use of iconic design, mirror legs decorated with Bally logo and decoration. Wayfarer BY4001A black and tortoiseshell two, high-quality materials collocation tough lines, highlighting the bearing of a man. Bally Stripe BY4009A is a square frame, frame design and wide, give people a sense of fortitude. Block-B BY4006A titanium carbon material, workmanship is impeccable, using the unique Block-B articulated, highlight fashion style.


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