Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Top Shop Sunglasses

Top shop was founded in London in 1964 not only clothing, and the golden metal butterfly round sunglasses, nude puzzle pantyhose, shallow wheat color woven straw hat, red skull printed scarves, even decorated rivets letter belt and toys and other accessories. Top shop of the new arrival speed, sales price of civilians, and style follow fashion trends. In addition to Top shop, fast fashion brands as well as the UK's River Island, Spain's ZARA and Mango, Japan's UNIQLO.
Top shop sunglasses, purple frame with red reflective lens, to express a very lively atmosphere. In the official website of the latest Sunglasses style, design style eclectic. Not only the basic style, there are high-end fashion style. According to the principle of matching the face and glasses, because the face of the Asian and European face of the bridge height is different. Topshop pays attention to people in the season of catharsis, offers a variety of seasonal match effect.
The price is moderate, on the official website of Lettie Hexagon Sunglasses price of 18 pounds, the Penny Square Sunglasses price of 16 pounds, the Cross Nose Sunglasses price of 16 pounds, the Lettie Hexagon Sunglasses price of 18 pounds, the Preppy Round Sunglasses is only 14 pounds. Not only Sunglasses price is low, Topshop and Erdem, Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou and other brands of joint design t-shirt, the price is only 30 pounds.
In addition to the traditional online retail, but also in other aspects of a bold attempt. For example, by way of live fashion show online, so many fans in the PC and smart phones to participate in. Choose styles and colors when they watch a fashion show, and share their choices with their friends.
Topshop brand choose Gui Lunmei, Xiao Yuan and Deng Ziqi as Asia spokesperson, through the star effect, driving fans to spend. In Europe, Topshop often produces a variety of topics with stars. Early and Kate Moss conducted a number of cooperation, especially in the tropical summer series. Close fitting dress, Kate Moss hot body show the most incisive.

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