Monday, April 10, 2017

P&R sunglasses

P&R sunglasses is the volume of Shanghai Sheng brand management Limited's flagship eyewear brand, brand was founded in 2015. The pursuit of excellence in the quality of the brand, is committed to the full sense of beauty and simple natural design, life and art in the search for design inspiration, to create the most ergonomic sunglasses. Products include advanced sunglasses, sports glasses, fishing glasses, advanced metal frame, advanced plate frame and a variety of lenses. Strong lines and cool colors together, simple and unique design, for modern men to produce a variety of exquisite and elegant sunglasses, showing a unique philosophy of life.
P&R people know that science and technology innovation is the fundamental enterprise development, brand to enter the Chinese beginning, made it clear: relying on strong scientific research strength, P&R product innovation in the function, design, marketing, strengthen their research strength to establish the status of the industry, based on the Chinese consumer market demands innovation in all aspects of the function, style, marketing on the realization of the social value of the P&R brand.
P&R sunglasses instructions:
Use both hands to hold the legs of the mirror along the parallel direction of the cheeks. If you use a single hand to wear will destroy the balance of the left and right sides, and cause deformation.
Most of the frames are designed to fold from the left side of the lens, so if the first folded right mirror legs, it is easy to cause the deformation of the frame.
If the glasses are placed temporarily, please put the convex surface of the glasses upward. If the convex surface down the glasses, will wear the lens.
Use clean cloth for special attention, make sure you use his hand to wipe the mirror wire side of the frame side, gently wipe the lens. Avoid excessive force caused by frame or lens damage. Dry rub easy to wear the lens, it is recommended to rinse with water and then wipe dry paper towels with special glasses cloth. When the lens is dirty, it is recommended to use a low concentration of neutral detergent cleaning, and then rinse off with water.
Don't wear glasses, please use the cloth into glasses glasses box. Please avoid contact with insect repellent, toilet products, cosmetics, hair gel, drugs and other corrosive substances, otherwise it will cause the lens, frame deterioration, deterioration, discoloration.
The deformation of the frame will cause a burden to the nose or ears, the lens is also easy to loose. Recommendations to the regular professional plastic surgery adjustments.

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