Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Michael Kors Sunglasses

Michael Kors was founded in 1981, currently has more than 230 stores in the world, is one of the most famous fashion brands in the United states. Michael Kors sunglasses by the international big star of love, if they view the VIP list, you can find almost all Hollywood stars are its guest.
The new Michael Kors Sunglasses with multiple Golden theme, transparent romantic and refreshing let spring and summer seem particularly cool and elegant.
The new season Michael Kors Sunglasses series to retro, luxurious color combination with horn frame, the Golden logo design components and brand will continue down; the most points in the new season Michael Kors sunglasses in Pyramid or nail decoration, Bridget in the frame edge and mirror legs (M2838S), Callie (M2834S) and Beth (M2839S) with the details of all have a unique style. Callie uses the generous frame line design, Beth and the Bridget uses the cat eye type frame to display the different charm.
The new Michael Kors Sunglasses series inspired by the old Hollywood style, the most representative is Monroe (MKS825), the retro round sunglasses high-profile, the Black Amber tortoiseshell is the one and only.
Brooke (MKS167) and the aviator glasses has added new elements, the lens of the exterior leopard pattern to create a new image for the character, ms..
The new Michael Kors men's sunglasses on the basis of their aristocratic style, a combination of a variety of classic men's sunglasses style. Glasses full of elegant tone.
Brady (MKS351M) and Grant (MKS168M) in addition to the continuation of its classic style has also added a number of mature charm inside. Grant metal aviator glasses mainly is to design the double bridge decorative metal glass lens; modern navigation style Brady, is the integration of a combination of classic design and metal sheet, make Brady appear more mature man's taste, low-key fashion.
Jameson (MK349M) did not change the style of its retro box, so that the metal mirror legs become more slender, the frame is to change its original color, the use of horn color. Make the frame and the mirror legs look more coordinated, emitting a unique classic charm.

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