Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spectacles, Snapchat Sunglasses With Camera

Spectacles, Snapchat sunglasses with camera
More and more people share their lives with others through social networks. In them the images have the main role. That's why we depend on our smartphone to capture our day to day. Today we present a different alternative, we refer to Spectacles, the Snapchat glasses.

With Spectacles we will have a new point of view
A few months ago we talked to you for the first time about this glasses, today we do it again because they are available both in Spain and in other European countries. We all know that Snapchat is a social network that gives great importance to images, so logical that it gives us alternatives to have another point of view at the time of taking them.

The Spectacles sunglasses are the first project of this type of the filial company of Snapchat, Snap Inc. They want to emphasize in this way that in fact they are not a social network, but a manufacturer of cameras.
With these glasses we will be able to record just what our eyes see, both videos or snaps, forgetting our smartphone. In addition, they will be recorded in a different format than usual, circular.
Using them is very easy, it is only necessary to touch a button located on the left side of the glasses and a video of 10 seconds will be recorded. We can repeat the operation twice to record a video of up to 30 seconds.
The creators of these glasses have thought about the security problems that your product may entail, that is, we could be recorded without realizing it. To avoid this, when they are in operation both the external lights and the internal lights that are integrated are illuminated.

The videos taken are transmitted wirelessly to the Snapchat Memories. They can be edited to introduce filters or stickers. The Spectacles price is 149.99 euros and if you want you can already buy them, or you can buy fake Oakleys at $18 from our online store

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