Wednesday, April 18, 2018

High Quality Fake Oakleys

What would we do without the sunglasses? Let's see, we have to be honest, we have them in pairs, we wear them every day and can we imagine without them? No. In fact, the science says that we are much more attractive when we wear fake Oakley sunglasses from, we think that they even give some clue about the person who is hiding behind.

Every season a new model appears that conquers a large part of the mortals and this year we have to talk about "Le Skinny", the Australian brand of Poppy Lissiman, whose glasses have managed to make Bella Hadid, Leandra Medine, Gigi Hadid or Caroline Daur fall in love. That is, women so different that it is surprising that they have succumbed equally to the same model.
Narrow, with thin frames, cat crystals, Matrix air and a touch of Marilyn Monroe. So are "Le Skinny", a pair of glasses in which discretion shines by its absence and daring becomes the main engine of action.
But beware, because apart from its "rarity" (if you have it), this model is off-road. And no, we are not exaggerating, because its variety of colors is such that it can be included in almost any styling without clashing a bit. Green with purple, in total red, in orange, in pink and even in black with details of strass. That is, they adapt to any style and personality without renouncing their avant-garde essence.

Surely you're wondering: "And who looks good on these cheap Oakley sunglasses?" Being angular and with such a defined form work better in smooth features, but in reality this is the least important. However, here is a trick to make you feel good no matter what features you have: try to take them under the bridge of the nose to harmonize the size of your face with that of the high quality fake Oakleys.
Of course, now comes the most complicated part and is to answer this question: with which do you identify more?

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