Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Fight Against the Ecological Footprint Reaches the Glasses

They are made of newspaper, others with comic book cuttings and also with vintage advertisements from the 50s. The glasses that a Terrassa company has created allow us to imagine an infinite number of styles of frames, adaptable to the tastes of each client. The initiative aims to shake the market to reduce its ecological footprint, with the hook of a 100% customizable product.
It is a pair of glasses created from ecological cellulose acetate and coated with an ecological resin to make original designs based on paper. The idea of this company from Egarense has opened a range of possibilities to buyers who are more attentive to fashion, seeking differentiated and exclusive products. The frames are handmade by hand and allow the client to choose or propose a design. They can also be customized by introducing materials such as fabrics or wood into the frame.
"We wanted a different product, to do something original," says the creator of Papereyes, who recalls that they have been working on the release of these glasses for two years. In environmental matters they have also positioned themselves thanks to the use of recyclable and ecological materials. In this sense, responsible for the brand point out that with the base of acetate that remains after cutting the saddle, they create key chains and make the shop windows, to make the most of the materials that are used throughout the process.
The originality, however, requires some precautions to the client. Being made with a more delicate material, you must be more careful when handling these paper-based frames. For proper maintenance, the brand recommends avoiding the exposure of the glasses to any type of liquid element and use only a wet cloth with water for cleaning.
In that sense also discourage that the glasses are subjected to a continuous exposure to the sun and anywhere with temperatures that exceed 50 degrees. Precisely emphasize that it is not a suitable product for direct vision of the sun or to expose themselves to UV radiation produced by artificial sources.
The company highlights the good reception that the product is having since its release to the market just a year ago. At this time these paper glasses, manufactured in Catalonia, have already reached more than 40 points of sale and have begun to be marketed in cities such as Zaragoza, Logroño or Mallorca.
Their success has already crossed the Spanish border and they have achieved their first customers in Germany and France. They hope to continue expanding the product in several cities of the continent and, little by little, consolidate as a solid reference in the sector.


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