Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Best Fake Sunglasses For Your Black Firday and Cyber Monday

Fake Oakley sunglasses, the bigger, the better. But with limits: "The shape of the lens must follow the natural line of the eyebrow (nothing happens because it covers a little), but it is important not to press the cheek and , above all, that does not clash with the eyelashes, it is very uncomfortable, "warns Montse. It must also be borne in mind that, if the pin is wide, it protects better from the lateral light input.
 fake Oakleys
A shape in harmony with your face
If the face is oval and elongated, virtually any form of frame foakleys will adapt perfectly. You should avoid very small or round frames foakley sunglasses, as they tend to make the face look longer. If the face is triangular or heart-shaped, the models that will go best are the round or oval, as well as the rounded rectangular styles, since they tend to compensate for a narrow chin. 
The opposites attract and that is particularly important in the case of round faces where they favor the most angular styles, and finally if the face has a square shape, the round and oval mounts will sit very well, since they can help to soften the jaw .
 replica Oakley sunglasses
The polarized ones are replica Oakley sunglasses with an added sheet that filters the rays that fall in a certain direction. The result? It eliminates reflections and when going from clarity to darkness, it is still seen normally, which makes them ideal for driving and practicing certain sports (cyclists, runners, skiers ...). But beware because, by their nature, these glasses can reduce the visibility of liquid crystal displays or led light emitters (ATMs, mobile phones, browsers ...). If your glasses have a P or the word Polarized on the inner side of the rod, they are certified polarized glasses. We can also check it by moving them laterally and vertically at different angles in front of a monitor: "If they are polarized, when placed at certain angles the lens should turn black and prevent us from seeing the screen through them, since, when superimposing two polarized lenses perpendicularly, the light does not pass ", explains Alicia Escuer.
Polaroid for University Optics.
Sunglasses with polarized and graduated crystals in gray. The butterfly-shaped frame is pink stick.
Titan Minimal Art - Artwire, by Silhouette.
Sunglasses with cat-eye design and a very dynamic line, available with glass in different colors.
Brown Achieve glasses with Gray lenses, from Nike.
They have total protection against UV rays and Max Optics technology, a system that offers precise clarity from any angle and reduces distortion.
Transparent pasta glasses with coral lens by Mó Sun.
Transparent sunglasses, large, geometric and seventies style created from translucent frames. Let the light go by!
Gafa Beverly, from Afflelou Couture de Sol.
Its design combines retro elegance with a universe of multicolored fantasy. Knockoff Ray Bans, very light and with a gradient of pastel tones in its crystals, which adds an unmistakable touch to any look.
 knockoff Ray Bans
Round Metal Clasic, by fake Ray Bans.
This model was born in the 60s, but its retro, round and unisex style has become a classic of the house that does not go out of fashion. Available in 7 colors, with mirrored, graduated or polarized lenses. They are suitable for lenses of sight.

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