Friday, November 2, 2018

2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Fake Oakleys 80% Discount Sale

With the summer, the sun, the holidays, the beach or the mountain and the good weather in short, there are opportunities to wear accessories such as fake Oakley sunglasses more frequently. At this time of the year, high quality fake Oakleys sunglasses are not only an accessory to show off a better image, but they become very necessary, since exposure to the sun for long periods of time can result in serious health problems.
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Whether on the beach, in the mountains, in the village or if we stay in the city, we must protect ourselves from the sun all over the body and also in the face. The problem occurs, especially in the case of girls, when they try to combine makeup and sunglasses.
How to choose knockoff Oakley sunglasses?
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First of all, before deciding whether to combine fake Oakleys sunglasses with makeup, you have to decide which glasses to use. Not all models are appropriate for any person, and in addition to choosing a model that enhances the facial features, this question addresses the personal taste of each woman.
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In this web we can see for example that the knockoff Oakleys glasses with square mount are very suitable for people with round face. Those with a long face should opt for models of glasses that have a more oval face, being able to choose square and large frames.
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Once chosen the replica Oakley sunglasses that best suit both our face and our personal taste, it is time to fit the makeup and enjoy wearing it, taking into account that if you wear day makeup, you may run with high temperatures and sweat if it is not of sufficient quality. Something similar happens on the beach or the pool if we decide to take a bath.
Once inserted in the task of makeup, the important thing is to know and assume that we will not show the whole face, because when we wear sunglasses do not see the eyes. This is not synonymous with not masking the hidden area, but focusing the attention on the rest of the face.
This forces to enhance the makeup on the face and lips, leaving a little aside the eyes. Thus, the cheeks, forehead and lips should be the spaces of the face that are most potentiated with makeup, without forgetting to reach an ideal balance in the whole face, including the eyes, as there will be times of the day when we take off sunglasses.
Before starting the tips to wear makeup with sunglasses, we think it's interesting to talk about social makeup and professional makeup. For this we recommend Jessica Freites blog, where we can find tutorials on natural makeup for day and night.
If we refer exclusively to the summer and the time of year with good temperatures, the key to wear sunglasses with makeup lies in a well-maintained and juicy skin, illuminated but with color, giving much importance to this color, as an intense blush get what we mentioned earlier, that you can not see the eyes forces to strengthen other areas of the face.
With the lips you can bet to look more daring, not to keep the traditional, and opt for more vivid, more intense and fresh options: fucisias, blues, violets, different shades of red. A practice that always works is the ombre effect, a very clear gradient in the inner area of ​​the lips and darker in the contours. This gives more volume to the lips and a more attractive rock.
Of course, we can not forget the eyes, because although they are going to be covered a good part of the time, you have to give a little touch to the eyebrows and a nice mascara. This becomes obligatory in cases in which the glasses are not totally opaque, but let see part of the interior.
In general, these are the most useful tips or recommendations to combine cheap Oakley sunglasses with makeup. In summer you have to enjoy this accessory, which becomes almost essential.
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With these guidelines, there is no excuse for makeup, if that is what you want, when you wear replica Oakleys sunglasses, or otherwise, leave sunglasses at home when you wear makeup.

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