Wednesday, December 12, 2018

85% Off 2018 Christmas Fake Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Sale Online Store

Fake Oakley sunglasses also need to look at the face type, different face types correspond to different shapes, so that you can achieve icing on the cake.
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How to choose replica Oakley sunglasses according to face type
Don't know your face? Look here to determine the face tips:
Setp1: Find tools water-based pens and mirrors
Step2: Put all your hair up and recall the photo of your ID card.
Step3: Use a water-based pen to trace the contour of your face in the mirror.
Step4: The face shape can be divided into square face, round face, triangle face/heart face, ellipse face, diamond face, and contrast to the contour of the face in the mirror.
You have to determine the face shape before you choose cheap Oakley sunglasses.
There are many people with square faces in Asians. This type of face usually gives people a feeling of stability and a rough face. So you may wish to choose a low-key and simple style to highlight this advantage. The round frame and the curved shape of the four corners, such as butterfly sunglasses and cat's eye sunglasses, can make the contour of the face appear more supple and more attractive. knockoff Oakleys Sunglasses are also a good choice.
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The square shape of the square is definitely to be rejected. The face of the Founder is added with the positive frame above... Please make your own brain. In addition, the wide and complex design of the bridge will make the entire face appear wider and flatter.
The round-faced girl, I knows your pain, the rectangular design of the rectangular sunglasses can help you to modify the facial lines, but the upper and lower distances of the frame are shorter, it is better to avoid the distance of the frame across the face, you can avoid After wearing sunglasses, it looks round. The lens should also be chosen to be dark, with the visual effect of "tightening" the face.
The round shape will only make the face more bloated, but if you are confident that your face is small enough, it is OK to change the retro circular sunglasses like Miranda Kerr occasionally, just for the concave shape!
Absolutely versatile face, hair and foakley sunglasses are not picking. Fortunate enough to have such a face, it is really the last life to save the GDP of Dakang's secretary! Other face types are not dare to try, nowadays all the popular fashionable style sunglasses are chosen by you. The sultry cat's eye sunglasses make the face lines clearer; the round sunglasses are retro and stylish...
The triangular face and the heart-shaped face are not much different, and they are all pointed shapes of the wide chin of the brain. This type of face, light and square sunglasses are mostly controllable. The lens should also choose a lighter color to reduce the weight above the face and increase the layering.
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The frame of fake Oakleys is too wide to exceed the temple and will only appear wider above the face. Don't try the frame that is tilted up on both sides, it looks too uncoordinated.

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