Sunday, November 27, 2016

Display of sunglasses

The characteristics of cabinet and high cabinet has been the best choice to display high-end sunglasses, matching with the counter lighting, the brightness, color, light irradiation range, the atmosphere should be adjusted; as for the sunglasses display, quantity, color lenses are consistent, which can also be appropriate to assist some accessories to attract customers eye. The purpose of display is to create a visual effect, stimulate customer vision, stimulate customer interest, increase the opportunity to buy. At the same time, the scientific orientation of display location is very important, it should be based on the counter and the customer into the store used to adjust Sunglasses display location, so that customers contact sunglasses to the maximum, so that customers can watch and buy Sunglasses completely and conveniently.
Posters include the use of the product manual, a single page, product catalogs, etc.. Display samples, the posters and products together, for example: the display area in a sunglasses, the same brand products with special mirror box, open the manual, single page, so that customers at a glance, can let the customer know the trend of the elements of brand design style and implication through catalogs, but also let customers know that in addition to the current display sunglasses, and more on display outside of the product, perhaps with products in them. Therefore, the sales staff should also do a good job to leave the customer's communication address, after the arrival of direct delivery to the customer.
The window often in new product, best-selling products, specialty products exhibition. Therefore, the window display must be carefully planned. For example: in sunglasses display, can design a beach scene, the new sunglasses and model coordinate display, reflect the dynamic, fashion, avant-garde; can also display together with perfume, reflect the brand sunglasses, a sense of dignity; of course, can also with sports including tennis, badminton and other display together reflect the movement with the right sunglasses are inseparable. A principle of the display should grasp is: according to the different uses of different sunglasses, coordinate display.

X display rack display the biggest advantage is: can be placed in an important business channel, customers see analysis. Of course, a display is still the most important basis for the use of sunglasses for propaganda. For example, can be compared to the car before and after the visual effect, bring embodiment polarized sunglasses to the driving of the benefits; to promote sports sunglasses through golf, cycling, ball games, fashion dynamic picture.

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