Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Popular sunglasses recommended

The famous Ray-Ban, can be said that the originator of sunglasses. Ray Ban is the United States very well-known brands in the world is also one of the best known.

Ray Ban sunglasses are very popular, work well, many stars are wearing Ray-Ban appearance, like Gary - Grant, Audrey Hepburn are its loyal fans.
Burberry is Britain's well-known brand sunglasses, 156 years history. You may only know Burberry windbreaker great. Burberry sunglasses should be introduced in recent years, new products, magazines, advertising large often see some supermodel wearing a mirror.

Vivienne Westwood sunglasses is also a British brand, cut from the clothing brand design. Vivian is its designer, design elements with a strong self-personality, design innovation, very bold, is this unique Vivienne Westwood became a sunglasses design gene.

ChloƩ is a chameleon in the Paris haute couture industry, which employs designer teachers quite frequently, but the stylistic framework of the brand has not changed because of the designer's change, and has maintained a French style of color and elegant atmosphere. Chole sunglasses style simple and generous, more importantly, do not pick face. Any person to wear, will instantly have the feeling of big stars. Network Reds also favorite Chole classic sunglasses. Shopping or vacation, small pepper are worn, we can see the usefulness of this sunglasses.

Gucci, we know more or bag, perfume, jewelry and the like. A very luxurious brand, from Italy. Gucci itself is the positioning of high-end luxury market, there is a Gucci that is the symbol of identity and wealth, such as Gucci sunglasses fashion and luxury this one brand in the upper class is the consumption of natural darling, especially by business people favor, Price is indeed expensive.

RPRADA's first store was founded in Milan, is very popular with the royal family and upper class, fame is also great.RPRADA sunglasses are personality.

MiuMiu is a vice line brand from Italy, is a brand below Prada. Fashion fans should know that Prada, the original production of handbags known in Europe, and later also designed sunglasses, which has a five prism. MiuMiu sunglasses are very unique and personality, at first glance you will remember it.

Dior is derived from the perfume, France is very well-known brands, is limited to the fashionable teach Paris, has been positioned is elegant and noble. Jewelry, watches, perfumes, make-up skin care area, Dior is perfect, but also very nice Dior sunglasses.

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