Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Personalized Sunglasses

The dreary winter day wants to come out the street to grab an eye to decide to need attentively to match. If only the pursuit of fashion trend blindly without collocation skills is not enough, the same style, trendsetter wear is fashionable, you look very strange. In fact, to create a set of attractive styling accessories is particularly important! Do not think that the winter has nothing to do with the sunglasses, your boring shape is because of the lack of sunglasses!
Although black is always the most classic symbol of sunglasses, but in the winter there is a little dull or exaggerated, rather than the most practical color eye-catching sunglasses. The Linda interpretation of the unique sunglasses is very eye-catching, from Max Mara and artist Maya Hayuk cooperation limited edition, on the topic of "OPTIPRISM neon fantasy" fusion pattern colorful MAYA prism paintings, contains geometrical aesthetic feeling, will be the perfect combination of round and square, very iconic.
Max Mara brand to join the international famous artist Maya Hayuk jointly launched a special limited edition Optiprism glasses series. Hayuk Maya has created a painting depicting the multi faceted "prism" theme to celebrate the launch of a new series of glasses, a symbol of the multi-faceted nature of contemporary Max Mara women.
At the same time, Max Mara invited Maya Hayuk will be painting a special pattern in the fusion of 200 Limited Edition glasses. The painting pattern printed on the fabric, embedded into won the patented technology, ultra light Optyl (epoxy resin) material of the frame, the combination of beautiful and comfortable. This special material to enhance the color of the painting, and perfect fit the wearer's face, suitable for long wear.
The new series of Maya's double even painting embedded in the sunglasses, the painting will be converted into a new art form, showing the Mara Max and the art and culture of the deep and distinctive origin. 200 special limited edition of the "Optiprism" series of glasses are marked with serial numbers, and signed by the designer.
A fresh white shape of the Fil also choose to use the color of the sunglasses to adorn, immediately very modeling, a style and not too high profile.
The fusion Maya Hayuk x Max geometric beauty Mara limited edition Sunglasses indeed attractive color collision dazzling, unique style sunglasses, the hope can give you bring some fresh winter.

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