Monday, December 18, 2017

MCM Glasses

Summer UV rays stronger day by day. It's time to wear sunglasses! Still focusing on big black super? Color cheap Ray Ban sunglasses is the standard summer. Whether it is a touch of color frame fake Ray Bans, or cool color fake Oakley sunglasses with reflective mirror, you can light your look, make you the summer dazzling, the most fashionable landscape! Want to easily concave shape, a color sunglasses is enough! 
 cheap Ray Ban sunglasses
The famous German brand MCM has recently joined the US eyewear group Marchon Eyewear, Inc. in the fashion landmark - Beijing Intime Center in01, the world's first release of the brand's first full line of sunglasses and optical glasses. Many guests and the popular strength idol Bo Ran together witnessed the release of MCM glasses series, but also to further expand Marchon in the field of fashion in China market.
With operations in more than 100 countries and headquartered in Marchon, New York, USA, has extensive industry experience and has been synonymous with innovative design and cutting-edge technology processes since 1983. Marchon Asia Pacific Managing Director Ms. Connie Lai said in an interview: "The first series of MCM spectacles to be held during the Beijing International Optics Fair is based on the development strategy of Asia Pacific, a high-growth regional expansion, as well as for the Chinese luxury goods Market, and we hope to bring higher quality products and services to Chinese consumers. "For Mr. Zhang Zhaoyu, general manager of Marchon China, who cooperates with the MCM brand who started to make advanced travel leather goods," This time is very Honored to work with MCM, MCM exquisite traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion design lead the trend, the design of their glasses series is also very unique and innovative, such as iconic rivets in a more compact form appear in the framework of the glasses; Symbol MCM noble brass nameplate, also placed on the mirror legs to form a unique and elegant decoration.
Activity site, well Bai Ran wear black MCM autumn and winter glasses with MCM autumn and winter series of handsome appearance, quickly ignited the conference site. During the interview, he shared his own fashion experience: Whether it is traveling or walking in the streets, MCM sunglasses always create a stylish look. The introduction of the full range of MCM glasses inherits the brand image of MCM's continuous innovation and exploration. The combination of classic elements and modern aesthetics highlights the cultural spirit of MCM rooted in Bavaria, Germany. The details of exquisite, full of contemporary sense of the MCM optical glasses are able to match the amazing variety of elegant retro style, so that even at work you can have their own trend anytime, anywhere fashion.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017 New Chanel Glasses

Chanel released a new series of 2017 autumn and winter luxury glasses, this time by Willow Smith should Karl Lagerfeld's invitation for the brand endorsement, as 2017 Chanel 2017 autumn and winter glasses series of publicity trailers.
Although Willow Smith was only 15 years old, but in front of Carl's shot, Willow Smith's unique shape and irresistible aura, with black and white video to lead you into a new world of Chanel glasses

Since June 2017, the latest series of sunglasses series in the Chanel boutiques.
This season the glasses series is divided into three themes:
VINTAGE retro styling
In the fall and winter 2017 apparel series conference debut super large octagonal sunglasses, hand-polished faceted lenses, frameless design, and modern transparent combination of light colors, gentle protection for the glasses.
Urban elegant butterfly and wide-angle (Pantos) modeling frames, with reflective lenses, such as ink-rich picture frame full of precious resin frame decorated with Baroque matt metal double C logo.
Using the signature Chanel leather through chain design, combined with subtle original details, to reproduce the eternal classic style: the cat's eye and the rim of the circular frame and the nose frame are decorated with fine metal strips, giving cheap Oakleys a trace of the new trendy, Optical glasses reveal an elegant academic style. In addition, each pair of glasses are decorated with very low-key Chanel brand logo in the chain.

As a second generation of stars, Willow Smith not only inherited his father's outstanding performing arts career, but also a new generation of songwriting singer, Chanel new autumn and winter glasses released her endorsement, fully demonstrated Willow Smith represented a new generation of young people Spiritual style.
Her youth and vitality so Karl Lagerfeld greatly appreciated and invited to serve as Chanel spokesman, as the brand new member of the muse family. In front of Carl's lens, the new generation of trend-setters quickly entered the state, revealing the free and easy personality charm.

With minimalist background and black and white tones, Willow Smith style and temperament set off more prominent. She also clever mix and match from the Chanel 2017 autumn and winter advanced clothing line of jewelry, Chanel glasses for this season to give a touch of refreshing atmosphere.
Chanel Fall Winter 2017 eyewear collection propaganda tracts will be held in September 2017 officially launched a unique distinctive personality style and charm Willow Smith complement each other.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer symbol is the interpretation of its excellent avant-garde design concept. Sunglasses in the high-end and the trend of the design from the details of the male to convey the mature and exudes the other side of the dynamic passion of men, is the embodiment of modern urban men. Not only that, the legendary series beyond its sports fashion design route, but also inherited its innovative design of the exploration concept.

TAG launched this year LINE refined series LINE fine series concept is simple and elegant lines contour design, double to enhance the TAG brand of high-tech content, is an elegant design and the perfect combination of high-end materials. LINE exquisite series of commitment to all its high quality visual effects and quality. Exquisite series of the most superior group of excellent Excellent design is: high-quality stainless steel mirror legs and the same material and other rubber, the use of high-tech process as one, so that the two materials seamlessly together, made the whole visual simplicity But very delicate mirror legs. This exquisite series of glasses so that consumers experience the unprecedented comfort, leaving the wearer highlights the distinguished and different. Exquisite series of ultra-light quality stainless steel material, more distinctive is to let the wearer can not feel a long time to wear glasses and the sense of oppression, automatic adjustment of the nose can be more suitable for different Asian face of the crowd, no Screw without hinge design more style.

TAG sunglasses launched this year LEGEND legend series of high-end and trend of the design from the details of the male to convey the mature and exudes the other side of the dynamic passion of men, is the embodiment of modern urban men. Not only that, the legendary series beyond its sports fashion design route, but also inherited its innovative design of the exploration concept. TAG Heuer This symbol is the interpretation of its excellent avant-garde design concept. Legend of the series in the legendary mirror hinge design inspiration from the Swiss high-end watch straps of the creative, while the use of aesthetics and the combination of mechanics, designed glasses unique hinge style. In the material used by the current world's best 316L stainless steel, to its superior quality. Legend legend series of glasses as a whole low fashion, light atmosphere, adhering to the TAG Heuer has always been the perfect design and wear comfort.

Polaroid to release the new Tropicflowers series of sunglasses, the series launched two best-selling decorated with quite exotic style frame, in the summer to bring you a leisurely, comfortable mood.
As in nature will not find two exactly the same flower is so magical, the series of sunglasses mirror arm on the pattern will not be exactly the same: pattern from different flower pictures cut out to ensure that each pair of glasses are unique The These jogs on the use of jungle-style pattern of new products have two color combinations, one is the color of a small difference between the red, orange warm combination, the other is bright red and blue combination.

Cheap Oakley sunglasses using the classic high-quality polarized lenses, extraordinary polarizing technology care people can never say "no".
Fake Ray Ban sunglasses in the frame and reflective lens to provide a variety of colorful colors, color main colors, including gray, red, gold and green.

Friday, September 8, 2017

TAG Sunglasses

TAG Heuer, this logo is the interpretation of its excellent avant-garde design concept. Fake Oakleys in the high-end and trend of the design from the details of the male to convey the mature and exudes the other side of the dynamic passion of men, is the embodiment of modern urban men. Not only that, the legendary series beyond its sports fashion design route, but also inherited its innovative design of the exploration concept.
TAG 2017 launched LINE refined series concept is simple and elegant lines contour design, double to enhance the TAG brand of high-tech content, is an elegant design and the perfect combination of high-end materials. LINE exquisite series promises its high quality visual effects and quality to all audiences. Exquisite series of the best design is: high-quality stainless steel mirror legs and the same quality rubber, the use of high-tech technology to suppress as one, so that seamless integration of the two materials together, made the entire visual simple but incomparable Exquisite mirror legs. This exquisite series of glasses so that consumers experience the unprecedented comfort, leaving the wearer highlights the distinguished and different. Exquisite series of ultra-light quality stainless steel material, more distinctive is to let the wearer can not feel the pressure of wearing glasses for a long time, automatic adjustment of the nose can be more suitable for different Asian face of the crowd, no Screw without hinge design more style.
TAG sunglasses 2017 launched LEGEND legend series of high-end and trend of the design from the details of the male to convey the maturity and exudes the other side of the dynamic passion of men, is the embodiment of modern urban men. Not only that, the legendary series beyond its sports fashion design route, but also inherited its innovative design of the exploration concept. TAG Heuer, this logo is the interpretation of its excellent avant-garde design concept. Legend of the series in the legendary mirror hinge design inspired by the Swiss high-end watch straps of the creative, while the use of aesthetics and the combination of mechanics, the design of the glasses in a unique hinge style. In the material used by the current world's best 316L stainless steel, to its superior quality. Legend legend series of glasses as a whole low fashion, light atmosphere, adhering to the TAG Heuer has always been the perfect design and wear comfort.

Friday, August 18, 2017

BOLON Glasses

While the sun is, while the air noise, while not yet bloomed flowers, should choose to stay away for a trip, the world is so big, to go and see.
Summer is the season for fashion trends. At this time, I believe many people will choose fake Oakley sunglasses as a modeling punchline. Even with simple dressing, the figure of the whole person becomes stronger as soon as the figure is in it. Stars are no exception. While the sun is, while the air noise, while not yet bloomed flowers, should choose to stay away for a trip, the world is so big, to go and see.
All that world is met, after being apart a long time. Witness the love of Paris wrapped in sugar. Gao Yuanyuan, the romantic temperament and charming charm, let her find the treasure of their own half. With BL2511, BL2560, firmness and flexibility, will be the goddess of light at a glance.
In the Senna River, British sentiment diffuse, unrestrained. Wearing a Tyrannosaurus Tang Yan, romantic and elegant, without losing the youth and vigor. Colorful, three-dimensional design of diamond mirror legs, with simple dress style, momentary whole style, low-key luxury, elegant nature.
In Eiffel Tower, overlooking the city unparalleled scenery, longing for freedom, Sophie Marcesu temperament with here is very consistent. BOLON sunglasses are elegant, romantic, artistic, fresh brand culture and have unmatched attraction. When the three met together, they continued the classics and created the legend.
Romance is not built, but dancing with your heart. Known as "Taiwan's first temperament beauty" strength actor Janine Chang, for clothing collocation, sunglasses choice has unique insights. Specially designed, meticulously cut, perfectly decorated BOLON classic, is one of the single products she loves.
Our eyes can not tolerate a grain of sand, but hold a desert of great momentum. Dubai is like a mirage, and one after another wonders of architecture emerge from the desert, breathtaking. BL2560, designed with a unique S - shaped hinge, is Wu Chun's favorite. Personalized custom, dazzling.
Harry Khalifa lights, bright stars. Music fountain, dancing with the world. BOLON 2570 and the beauty of Dubai add radiance to each other. Whether the city is bustling, or desert desert, at least "type" as partners. Lu Yi's love in the journey of the pursuit of stimulation, combination of sunglasses and off-road vehicle is quite cool.
As the world's most magnificent shopping center, Dubai attracts many tourists to go crazy shopping spree. Among them, of course, there is no lack of sunglasses. Zheng Kai used to cool the wave of ink such as Tyrannosaurus perception are golden desert as uninhibited, in the summer to shape a model of elegant gentleman.
The skyline of the city is the outline of dreams, living in a world of extraordinary splendor, like reading a Book of life. Wang Yang is wearing exquisite workmanship, design originality of Tyrannosaurus Rex, played down his forehead tough, from the inside out exudes elegant temperament, in the fashion appearance is transparent for the internal.
Milan, with the reputation of "fashion capital of the world", is famous for its fashion, art and commerce. Has a pure smile, elegant temperament of the international supermodel Qin Shupei, ferial dress style is casual, the love with a all-match BL2511 black sunglasses, the essence of the perfect interpretation of ROSE design.
Visit the majestic Gothic church, to the heart of a The imprint is engraved on my heart.. Here gathered a lot of famous fashion products, and known as a barometer of Milan fashion week, is the star of the big names competing to show their faces. From clothing modeling, to accessories-knockoff Oakleys decorations, to achieve the perfect unity of life and art is king.
Oxygen goddess Ady Ann, the famous designer Lan Yu BOLON 2511, this sunglasses, romantic crystal embellishment, fashion metal splicing, thousands of stars in the eyes of the eyebrow light blooming. Noble and low luxury charm intertwined, perfect fusion, one spirit, noble and elegant, leading the fashion trend.
Lightweight materials, changing color lenses and metal decoration, BOLON glasses will cool and perfect integration, and Aarif Lee interpretation of the infinite possibilities of Milan fashion. The same beautiful like summer flowers and sunshine musical talent will wear replica Ray Bans a unique taste, wisdom not publicity, with no lack of steady.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Chrome Hearts Glasses

About Chrome Hearts this brand, more people will think of it is a silver brand, but few people think of Chrome Hearts glasses is also very delicate and sought after. Chrome Hearts is the world famous silver brand, and has its branch all over the world. Chrome Hearts glasses, as well as its silver jewelry, exquisite workmanship, as well as superior material and excellent texture, attracted many star celebrities favorite. Fake Ray Bans is not only exquisite beyond compare glasses, is a fine piece of art, it can also understand its glasses why the price more expensive.
In 2002, Chrome Hearts introduced a branch of the glasses, it is reported that this line of glasses is only developed for 19 months, and its rigorous attitude is also to build a solid foundation for glasses. In 2004, Chrome Hearts launched the "Red Riot" in Japan's glasses exhibition IOFT widely acclaimed. Precious materials such as leather, 925 silver, Meng Jiahei ebony, mahogany, Brazil gold, 22K gold, with exquisite workmanship, exquisite, perfect show glasses exquisite noble beauty. Its Sunglasses style is the use of world-renowned Zeiss lens matching, highlighting the pursuit of high quality.
The Chrome Hearts glasses, is largely a continuation of the dark period of European medieval strong style, the classic elements of history and culture in the use of the use of Damascus steel, Mohamed lines and other elements in the design of glasses, a strong sense of hierarchy, texture delicate, full of masculinity, with high precision technology of Vocational Education in Japan. Make the perfect convergence, a perfect interpretation of the medieval classical style, has unique aesthetic.
Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses is a famous American glasses brand, and its product line tends to diversify, basically covering many corners of life.
The Chrome Hearts glasses, will enrich the experience of making silver brand also fusion in glasses, glasses styles, also can see the silver decoration, in order to create a nostalgic atmosphere, silver color with micro erosion old effect produced, will highlight the medieval classical style with a perfect black silver decoration let attention.
Supreme is the famous street tide brand in the United States. Recently, Supreme teamed up with American Smith Optics, Smith optics, that is, the world's first wind mirror producer, and introduced Cariboo OTG ski goggles. Three ski mirror design, stylish and full of personality, combined with high-quality workmanship, bring a comfortable sports experience.
Was born in the United States New York Manhattan legend Street movement tide brand Supreme and Smith Optics teamed up to launch the Cariboo OTG Smith Optics ski goggles to the high popularity of the product Cariboo OTG ski goggles for the design blueprint, through innovative design, bring three new ski goggles. The three ski goggles have three colors, using more prominent colors as the main colors, red, blue and black, respectively. The overall design is beautiful and fashionable. The mirror is clear and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for many skiers.
Supreme x Smith Optics Cariboo OTG launched a joint ski goggles, ski glasses straps is a hallmark of the Supreme white logo, ski goggles have Smith above logo brand logo, shows the identity of the one and only.
Supreme x Smith Optics Cariboo OTG launched a joint ski mirror, combined with the Supreme street fashion culture, American street fashion, personality fusion in the creation of not sticking to formalities, showing a strong American style.
Cheap Oakleys is a professional sports eyewear brand that combines deep technology with a ski lifestyle to provide more comfortable sport options for young people.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Salvatore Ferragamo&Miu Miu sunglasses

Salvatore Ferragamo is the famous Italian shoes brand, with "star Queen leather shoemaker" in the name of leather products and clothing design and accessories design, in the world reputation. Variety of styles, the integration of traditional manual design, elegant and practical. Recently, Salvatore Ferragamo launched Gancino elements thick frame glasses series, bringing excellent texture.
Salvatore Ferragamo launched Gancino elements thick frame glasses series, the classic metal Gancino design elements for the series of glasses to add a little low-key luxury. Very thick texture of the thick box is very gorgeous, with the classic metal Gancino hinge design elements, low-key luxury, Gancino ring logo design link into the glasses, bring a special personality taste.
Salvatore Ferragamo launched Gancino elements bold frame series of colors are used to mature mature deep color, to highlight the mature and stable temperament. Mirror legs with artificial mosaic Swarovski crystal, bright and beautiful, with metallic luster, more visual charm. The simple Ferragamo logo on the mirror legs highlights the unique identity of the series.
Salvatore Ferragamo launched Gancino elements bold frame glasses series, very stylish charm. Gancino elements of the use of glasses more refined luxury. In fact, Gancino elements were first designed to use Flamma di San Giuliano Ferragamo handbag, and now, Gancino elements are widely used in the accessories, bring more fashion charm.
Paris Fashion Week, Miu Miu show field can see the models show 2017 autumn and winter models of glasses series, with a unique style elements will be the perfect combination of different design elements together. Bright fabric, goatskin, crystal detail ornaments for the glasses series have added a lot of charm, interpretation of the elegant style.
2017 new autumn and winter Miu Miu sunglasses and optical frames will be the perfect interpretation of the beauty of lines, the bold use of the elements of conflict and the classic structure of the restructuring, the design of geometric lines, all for the series of glasses to bring a unique visual effects.
SMU 04R geometric irregular shape design, with elegant metal decoration, with the plate mirror legs, transmission of elegant temperament, but also highlights the delicate soft posture.
VMU 07O this optical frame will be elegant and elegant feminine temperament show the perfect, the top of the board frame dotted with a lot of small crystal, as well as the suede lace decoration, showing a noble and elegant charm, for the frame to add Infinite style.
SMU 08R Miu Miu glasses perfect combination of two exquisite elements, the Noir series of unique charm and Miu Miu elegant combination of elegance, elegant and elegant frame dotted with handmade diamond goat leather trim, such as the Galaxy shine, personality Full of charm.
Fake Ray Bans, Smart curve design, bringing the graceful elegance of women's temperament, exquisite unique architectural design, wrapped in metal along the frame texture, showing a delicate and elegant flavor, plate to create the arc design and metal texture perfect With, complement each other, to create an elegant mirror effect.
Fake Oakleys with a large lens covered in the frame above the lens against the background, the board frame on the bright ornaments on the faint show, showing a faint sense of beauty, so that more eye-catching sunglasses eye-catching.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bvlgari Frame

The Bvlgari family, derived from Greece, was deeply influenced by the classical Greek tradition, but it was carried forward under the influence of the Rome culture. Bvlgari glasses and outstanding because it is the one and only and precious, and in Bono, Dido, Beckham, Madonna and other stars and very popular, even with the change of the popular Bvlgari glasses, glasses always occupy a space for one person in the top brand.
Every Bvlgari frames after the initial inspiration germination, going through the designer and craftsman crafted, which has produced many classics, such as the elegant LE GEMME series, SERPENTI series of personality and flexible DIAGONO and Bvlgari series, DIVAS DREAM series and so on, are the classic series of glasses.
Fake Ray Bans bold interpretation of female inner beauty, highlighting women's unique personality, vitality and fashionable urban spirit and elegant charm, has created a series of unique style with a regular series of glasses, eyes as custom jewelry, precious material, style meaningful. LE GEMME series of glasses, gold-plated, flexible, cat's eye, acetate fiber glasses, dotted Amethyst eyes, giving people a bright sense of beauty.
A flexible rounded cellulose acetate eye with a scaly metallic ornament and crystal and enamel set at the front of the frame and the legs of the mirror, displaying noble qualities at all times. Fake Oakley sunglasses are noble, quality excellence, atmosphere and meticulous, unique style, widely loved by the world.
The optical glasses feature a balanced round frame with tubular mirrors with delicate, three-dimensional DIVAS DREAM fan patterns, inlaid with enamel and crystal, and elegant in luxury.
The rectangular glasses combine metal and acetate fiber to present a modern style with stylish, flexible mirror legs and a tubular design inspired by the geometry of the DIAGONO sports watch.
BVLGARI brand was founded in 1884, more than 100 years of development, so that it has created countless famous top class jewelry, with its excellent quality, new style, become the world's top quality brand. The accomplishments of Bvlgari on glasses are inseparable from the embellishment of jewelry.
BVLGARI 2013 DIVA glasses series continue its consistent luxury style, and use color design, precious metal and gem perfect embellishment, to create a unique style. The special glasses is to break the boundaries between accessories and jewelry, precious metals and precious stones luster and acetate materials perfect exquisite fusion, not only highlights the diversity of Bvlgari and active creativity, more women will show the most incisive touching charm.
BVLGARI 2013 DIVA glasses are made of lavender, violet and acetate fiber. The cat shaped frame is eye-catching. Its front frame is decorated with platinum and bright diamonds. The front frames of the glasses use nifty geometric elements reminiscent of the charming long eyelashes, just as the celebrities of the 1960s have. The very soft design contains the exquisite skills of the jeweler: first, the acetate fiber is carefully shaped and cut by hand, while the platinum part is individually forged and then fixed to the frame. Then, carefully selected different shapes, different sizes of diamonds skillfully inlaid on the design, to create a charming combination of dazzling. Lavender purple lens and acetate fiber, soft and transparent color, perfect echo, exudes attractive feminine charm.
BVLGARI 2013 DIVA glasses, another glasses is truly embodies the bold creativity of the masterpiece, can be perfect to demonstrate the style of BVLGARI SUNGLASSES has always been. It brings to mind the colorful Carnival dance, and the 60s style big frame sunglasses were designed as a mask supported by a side mirror leg to recreate the luxury of the eighteenth Century Venice celebration. At that time, masks were often adorned with valuable decorations, exquisite workmanship, and real art. Masks are often used in ceremonies to disguise the presence of a person, who can dance in a mysterious atmosphere. This unique work is decorated with platinum and emerald rose patterns, with colorful feathers at the top.

Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 New Michael Kors

Michael Kors 2017 spring and summer series glasses new listing, Michael Kors is a luxury brand from the United States, the brand is the same fashion designer Michael Kors founded in 1981, headquartered in New York city. Michael Kors will be the luxury industry into a new stage and successfully created the concept of self expression and advocating life out of the ordinary, and the brand and past classic American luxury brand to distinguish Michael Kors has become the representative of American luxury life style. The following will be cheap Oakley sunglasses fashion division to introduce you in detail.
At present, through its signature Michael Kors series and MICHAEL Michael boutique Kors brand to produce a range of products, including accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, clothing, and glasses and a full range of fragrance products. Michael Kors glasses directly or through authorized partners, to open stores in the world's most prestigious City, including New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Milan, London, Paris, Munich, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Hongkong, Shanghai and Rio De Janeiro.
Behind this rapidly evolving fashion empire stands a remarkable master of design, with an innate charm and an eye for classic fashion trends. Michael Kors has won countless rings in the fashion world, and its philanthropy has been well received and respected and loved by millions of people. He has devoted himself to fashion and has developed a style of comfort, delicacy, fashion and style that has made the world a fast and luxurious lifestyle.
Recently, Michael Kors has brought us the new spring and summer 2017 series of glasses, we can find in the series, the designer between classic charm and modern avant-garde style, to achieve a perfect balance. Looking at Michael Kors sunglasses and optical glasses, the scene is reminiscent of a cozy sunny afternoon, bathed in the sunshine of Mount Beverly with friends. The new series of each one is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and custom design material, decorated with brand unique decorative details, such as the Michael Kors label gorgeous bright or enchanting embossed pendant. The style of publicity endows the series with exquisite, elegant and casual feelings.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Features Of Bvlgari Glasses

Founded in Rome in 1884, it originated in Ai Pi Ross, Greece, and the founder of the family, Sotirio Bulgari, started with precious silver carvings. After immigrating to Italy, he began to succeed in selling homemade silverware. In 70s of last century, Bvlgari was the starting point for international mileage. During that time, Bvlgari opened boutiques in New York, Paris, Geneva, and Monte carlo. Sotirio's two sons took over the family business in 1930 and began to cultivate their jewelry kingdom.
In 1940s, Bvlgari from Italy took the lead in breaking the dominant French tradition. In the jewelry production, it uses color as the design essence, and uses several different color stones to match and combine, and then uses the base of different materials to highlight the dazzling color of the gem.
Since the beginning of 40s last century, Bvlgari has entered a stage of diversified development, launched exquisite watches as a fashion accessory, and expanded its range of products to glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain and other products. However, even today, Bvlgari has also maintained the form of workshop production, which makes it both exquisite handicraft sense, but also has a deep artistic and artistic flavor, with a high collection value.
The combination of classicism in Greece and Rome, together with the exquisite manufacturing arts of Italy, created the unique style of Bvlgari products. Its color matching art overflow, dazzling, alternating interpretation of fashion and elegance. For years, Bvlgari products included both royals, politicians, celebrities, film and television stars, as well as successful middle class. Italy actress Sophia Roland has served as a jewelry spokesperson for Bvlgari.
Bvlgari glasses is known as the world unusual precious glasses, Bvlgari glasses will use reasonable jewelry materials to glasses, jewelry art top and the use of the design style, making Bvlgari luxury brand glasses have attracted much attention.
Bvlgari glasses embodies the strong classical Greece and Italy style, Rome jewelry school and Italy Renaissance finish created this style of product design, excellent quality, noble atmosphere, delicate and unique style by the world wide favorite.
Cheap Oakley sunglasses pay attention to details, the pursuit of quality and innovation, to create a timeless elegance of beauty.
The Bvlgari glasses series incorporates the Serpenti element. The perfect combination of jewelry and jewelry, the combination of precious metal and precious stones, and the perfect blend of acetate fibers broke the line between accessories and jewelry. Show Bvlgari DIVA glasses noble and elegant, but also with a lively charm.
Bvlgari glasses design more bold, superb technology. The fan shape of Bvlgari sunglasses used in classical decoration of ancient Rome caracalla. The arch shape was eventually injected into the design of the new glasses, giving a bold and three-dimensional fashion charm. In addition, the illusion of inlay, handmade crystal and enamel decorated with Diva shape, inlaid on the surface of the mirror legs.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Bvlgari Glasses

Bvlgari is famous for its top jewelry, but in addition, Bvlgari is also the treasure of fashion glasses. Bvlgari glasses exquisite jewelry materials used in glasses, products noble, quality excellence, atmosphere and meticulous, unique style, widely loved by the world.
Sexuality, passion and eternal charm are the characteristics of Bvlgari sunglasses. Bvlgari 2017 spring summer accessories series perfectly interprets these fascinating characteristics. A new ad campaign by the Lithuania supermodel Edita Vilkeviciute portrait interpretation, and invited the famous fashion photographer Mikael Jansson himself.
The sexuality and charm of the Bvlgari women represent the different charms of Italy women. The new advertising films show graceful atmosphere and free and confident attitude. In the free mood, it displays the bold and elegant Italian style represented by Bvlgari.
Mikael Jansson is the world's leading fashion photographer, adept at using his superb skills, shooting a rich, emotional blockbuster. Jansson's new blockbuster for Bvlgari is a perfect display of the style and essence of this season's accessories. Under neutral background, the figure of the model and the brown skin show no trace, and fully express the magnificent metallic texture of the new season and the exquisite and excellent production process.
Edita chose Bvlgari logo adorned with bronze and precious elements of sunglasses, color Serpenti Forever series and Bulgari Signature series Bvlgari bag flip bag etc.. The collocation and revealed to us Bvlgari women has many colorful style and life style, free mix, natural.
Each series deals with different personalities and styles, each of which has its own splendor. The same as cheap Oakleys. The Giardini Italiani series has the beauty and symmetry of the garden of Italy, which interprets the sensuous, bold and forthright aspects of the Bvlgari girl. The Bulgari Bulgari series is for constantly seeking new style and breakthrough trend leader. The rare qualities of the Gemme Le series provide women with timeless and seductive eternal charm. Diva sunglasses to convey delicate face and outstanding female charm.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Prada Glasses

For high-end consumer groups, they pay more attention to its handbags, suitcases, leather accessories and cosmetic cases and other products on the innovation. Prada began mainly from the royal family and the high society of the favorite and sought after, a "The Devil Wears Prada" is the classic film history. Prada glasses in addition to a fashion characterization, but also distribute the mysterious charm of the weapon.
70s of last century, Mario Prada's granddaughter took over Prada, then a small brand in Europe. 70 years of fashion circles environmental changes, almost near the brink of bankruptcy. In 1978 Miuccia and his husband, Patrizio Bertelli, took over and led Prada into a new milestone. Miuccia as Prada chief designer, through her talented fashion talent constantly interpretation of the challenges and innovation of the legend. Patrizio Bertelli, a creative entrepreneur, not only established worldwide distribution channels and mass production systems, but also cleverly Prada traditional brand concept and modern advanced technology for the perfect combination. Miuccia looking for different materials and traditional leather materials after many attempts, from the Air Force parachute to find nylon fabric, light and durable as the foundation, so the black nylon bag "a hit and become a classic Prada brand.
And other first-line brand, Prada sunglasses also have women clothing, handbags, perfume and sunglasses and other products, each product behind the designers have a lot of effort, each design inspiration from the world's top fashion elements, to the vast number of consumers To again and again the visual impact.
PRADA recently released the latest Prada Mod glasses advertising large, the United States supermodel Vanessa Moody appearance endorsement interpretation, with a very charismatic performance to fully demonstrate the strong and confident female characteristics, more modern way perfect interpretation of the British Morse culture and its fascinating , Bold style of ideology. As full of self-confidence, free and unruly international ideas, the Moors to convey not only a fashion proposition, but also a way of life, a state of mind.
In this Mod series of publicity, supermodel Vanessa Moody played a "Moors" leader, she was in the post-industrial era style background, as if floating in the meantime, at the same time, inspired by Alan Sillitoe literary famous " Whatever people think I am, that is what I am not "is also displayed on the screen, resembles the new realist riddle. Each word of the famous word runs through the eight episodes and is presented as part of the mystery puzzle.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

EYNY Sunglasses

Children accessories brand, EYNY kidsanthropology was born in 2015. The founder of Rex with rich fashion industry background, hoping to start from their own parenting experience, help contemporary mom dad tide tide grow up healthily and happily in the protection of children at the same time, shaping the kids better aesthetic shape from children to their own taste.
EYNY sunglasses the trend extends to the children of the world, let them have the opportunity to experience with their parents the same fashion style, broaden their horizons, contact more choices. At the same time, from the choice of materials to the production of the details of the moment to the children healthy growth as the primary consideration, and constantly updated, for the contemporary fashion of young mothers to provide children light luxury fashion single product.
The appearance of the sunglasses and the shape of the scallop is regarded as a classic and elegant style. So far has been injected into different fashion ideas to be updated. EYNY launched the blue mirror, pink mirror and brown classic color, this summer is the best choice for children.
EYNY D FRAME Sunglasses inspired by the classic travelers sunglasses. As one of the most popular styles, all-match framework design reflects the modern low-key good temperament. This year's new blue and pink marble frame is more unique.
EYNY Cat Eye Sunglasses filled with a strong sense of retro. From the beginning of the last century in 50s, cat eye glasses have become the hearts of women love. If the cat eyes like tail pick lines, facial lines with whimsical and cute character. Brand brings two different radian mirror design, to provide more choices for different face baby.
Fake Ray Bans Round have a unique style, mellow and clever frame line with the collision or the color of the same color system, showing the children are not wearing the same personality.
Square cheap Oakley Sunglasses highlight the neutral charm, clear and simple lines with the classic black frame set off clean and simple personality.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Gentle Monster Glasses

Burberry is a traditional British style luxury brand series of products, its multi-level to meet the different age and gender of consumer demand, they again recently launched a series of fashionable glasses, good-looking and most classic.
London has finally ushered in the spring sunshine, but also on behalf of the new season is ready for the dark glasses. The latest release of the British classic brand Burberry glassesTrench series, with the classic Trench coat as inspiration, comfortable light elements into the design of glasses, and the Burberry logo plaid pattern of decorative embellishment in the feet, and the general styles include optical glasses and sunglasses.
Large advertising by brand creative director Christopher Bailey personally supervised the filming process refers to the island, the famous photographer Mario Testino palm mirror, British actor Jamie Campbell invited Bower, Leo Dobson and Jean Campbell music, Malaika Firth, Callum Ball, Matila Lowther, Neelam Johal and many supermodel big parade shooting.
Gentle Monster hand in hand Tilda Swinton launched a joint series, to see the joint series of the whole blood boil.
As a pioneer in Korean fashion glasses, Gentle Monster glasses of the design and the brand popularity has no doubt, in addition to product packaging, store image and also very careful management, in addition to actively cooperate with each other more clothing brand fashion show, through joint cooperation with celebrities and consolidate the brand value, following last year with South Korea trend actor Kong Xiaozhen, this time even across Asia, invited to join hands to launch Tilda Swinton X Gentle Monster sunglasses signed a series of fashion people on behalf of Tilda Swinton, at the same time bring funky broken table image advertising.
In the brand image of recently released photos, you can see the Tilda Swinton comb her trademark platinum hair, wearing distinctive stylish sunglasses, contrast in the pure color clothing with dark background, complete show this design to fashion, color of eye-catching, and the Tilda Swinton unique high cold temperament, also let the whole series of more avant-garde and personality.
In addition, with the exposure of the image as there is a period of 1 minutes of video, Tilda and Swinton, and sometimes with their own fencing chess, one stationaryplatform between people to bring the picture looked away in stark contrast to the visual effect, once again for this series of joint back to do the most perfect publicity.
Tilda Swinton X Gentle Monster a total of three design, including flight frame inspired NEWTONIC, mirror and lens formed TRICKOFTHELIGHT, and retro cat eye frames, has excellent texture, smooth lines and precise details.

Monday, April 10, 2017

P&R sunglasses

P&R sunglasses is the volume of Shanghai Sheng brand management Limited's flagship eyewear brand, brand was founded in 2015. The pursuit of excellence in the quality of the brand, is committed to the full sense of beauty and simple natural design, life and art in the search for design inspiration, to create the most ergonomic sunglasses. Products include advanced sunglasses, sports glasses, fishing glasses, advanced metal frame, advanced plate frame and a variety of lenses. Strong lines and cool colors together, simple and unique design, for modern men to produce a variety of exquisite and elegant sunglasses, showing a unique philosophy of life.
P&R people know that science and technology innovation is the fundamental enterprise development, brand to enter the Chinese beginning, made it clear: relying on strong scientific research strength, P&R product innovation in the function, design, marketing, strengthen their research strength to establish the status of the industry, based on the Chinese consumer market demands innovation in all aspects of the function, style, marketing on the realization of the social value of the P&R brand.
P&R sunglasses instructions:
Use both hands to hold the legs of the mirror along the parallel direction of the cheeks. If you use a single hand to wear will destroy the balance of the left and right sides, and cause deformation.
Most of the frames are designed to fold from the left side of the lens, so if the first folded right mirror legs, it is easy to cause the deformation of the frame.
If the glasses are placed temporarily, please put the convex surface of the glasses upward. If the convex surface down the glasses, will wear the lens.
Use clean cloth for special attention, make sure you use his hand to wipe the mirror wire side of the frame side, gently wipe the lens. Avoid excessive force caused by frame or lens damage. Dry rub easy to wear the lens, it is recommended to rinse with water and then wipe dry paper towels with special glasses cloth. When the lens is dirty, it is recommended to use a low concentration of neutral detergent cleaning, and then rinse off with water.
Don't wear glasses, please use the cloth into glasses glasses box. Please avoid contact with insect repellent, toilet products, cosmetics, hair gel, drugs and other corrosive substances, otherwise it will cause the lens, frame deterioration, deterioration, discoloration.
The deformation of the frame will cause a burden to the nose or ears, the lens is also easy to loose. Recommendations to the regular professional plastic surgery adjustments.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Michael Kors Sunglasses

Michael Kors was founded in 1981, currently has more than 230 stores in the world, is one of the most famous fashion brands in the United states. Michael Kors sunglasses by the international big star of love, if they view the VIP list, you can find almost all Hollywood stars are its guest.
The new Michael Kors Sunglasses with multiple Golden theme, transparent romantic and refreshing let spring and summer seem particularly cool and elegant.
The new season Michael Kors Sunglasses series to retro, luxurious color combination with horn frame, the Golden logo design components and brand will continue down; the most points in the new season Michael Kors sunglasses in Pyramid or nail decoration, Bridget in the frame edge and mirror legs (M2838S), Callie (M2834S) and Beth (M2839S) with the details of all have a unique style. Callie uses the generous frame line design, Beth and the Bridget uses the cat eye type frame to display the different charm.
The new Michael Kors Sunglasses series inspired by the old Hollywood style, the most representative is Monroe (MKS825), the retro round sunglasses high-profile, the Black Amber tortoiseshell is the one and only.
Brooke (MKS167) and the aviator glasses has added new elements, the lens of the exterior leopard pattern to create a new image for the character, ms..
The new Michael Kors men's sunglasses on the basis of their aristocratic style, a combination of a variety of classic men's sunglasses style. Glasses full of elegant tone.
Brady (MKS351M) and Grant (MKS168M) in addition to the continuation of its classic style has also added a number of mature charm inside. Grant metal aviator glasses mainly is to design the double bridge decorative metal glass lens; modern navigation style Brady, is the integration of a combination of classic design and metal sheet, make Brady appear more mature man's taste, low-key fashion.
Jameson (MK349M) did not change the style of its retro box, so that the metal mirror legs become more slender, the frame is to change its original color, the use of horn color. Make the frame and the mirror legs look more coordinated, emitting a unique classic charm.