Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Smith Optics Sunglasses

How about Smith Optics sunglasses? By the United States a California dentist Bob Smith founded a brand sunglasses, Smith Optics sunglasses and Super sunglasses, with the most popular elements of fashion over the years. Exquisite workmanship, high quality materials, high-quality lenses to create a series of different sunglasses, to meet the different needs of different consumers.
Smith Optics was founded in 1962, the Smith brand, is the world famous brand eyepiece and sunglasses, founder Bob Smith was a dentist, but also a skier. Through years of trial and error, Smith has finally developed the world's first snow mirror side double lens, and quickly became the world's first wind mirror manufacturers, but also for the growth of both functional and fashionable sunglasses brand leader.

Smith Optics sunglasses have interchangeable lens technology patents, is one of the best match with sunglasses. Smith to the technical innovation and lifestyle into the optical technology industry, for the pursuit of the trend of every young person to provide the most luxurious sunglasses brand.
Smith Optics uses interchangeable lenses, can meet the different needs of different consumers, coupled with the use of advanced optical technology, the Tailai glass polarizing lens proprietary, for the vast number of consumers to meet the visual experience.
Smith Optics sunglasses to fashion elements of fashion and lifestyle combine to provide the wearer with the most suitable sunglasses, is one of the most easy to match a brand sunglasses.
Smith Optics sunglasses lens material Tailai glass, containing carbon, NXT, a photochromic, Polarchromic, polarization, the lens material is of high quality, consumer protection in the wear comfort, health, safety.
Smith Optics Sunglasses frames by construction technology, which is suitable for every wearing face, does not make the frame extrusion nose, wearing it will feel very comfortable, no foreign body sensation.

A polarizing matrix Smith Optics glasses, non polarization matrix, photochromic matrix, four matrix form Polarchromic matrix, can completely block the sun's ultraviolet light through the cornea inside the eye, let your vision is not affected by sunlight.
Smith Optics is Italy's top luxury sports sunglasses optical glasses Smith group's brand, focusing on the development of cutting-edge technology and sunglasses eyepiece. The nature of the movement with the way of life into the sunglasses products, provide the most luxurious Sunglasses brand for the trend of young people, is a world famous brand sunglasses, no matter where you can find the figure of Smith.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stylish Sunglasses Recommendation

Although it's spring, but the sun still shook your eyes. You need a pair of both sunlight and can create a powerful aura sunglasses.
Shwood use wood and famed Portland glasses manufacturer recently another new release. The Francis model is modeled, handmade wooden materials. Francis has a rounded outline and excellent durability. In order to make the design more coherent, a mirror is also equipped with a key hole bridge and wood fragments of the decoration, and a comparison shows that cellulose acetate frames fine texture.
In addition, Shwood is also used to solve the wood products exclusive beeswax coating brittle and easily soft faults. It is reported that the new Francis series of black, tortoiseshell, gray, mahogany color selection.
Now more and more cross-border phenomenon. As a well-known shoe brand in Miami, Del Toro has been in the United States design, Italy production, cutting-edge and professional quality. But the Del Toro in glasses stage, teamed up with Reds to bring new sunglasses series.
Simple and classic aesthetic framework continues Del Toro shoes in the superior design sense, color also provides dark tortoise, light tortoise and eye-catching cobalt.
Del Toro started on the glasses product cooperative interest has never receded since last season, this time the United States' s Outfitters Red's high-end mirror mirror, bring new collection. Red s Outfitters is the United States traditional glasses manufacturers, but the luxurious, stylish and top craftsmanship from Italy, is sit up and take notice.
Del Toro X 's Outfitters brings a series of sunglasses for the summer beach wear series, Red. The blue clear dream as the core through the sunglasses design, and the main framework to Portofino model is modeled, and contains three Cobalt, Blonde Haven and Havana.
New York famous street brand ALIFE and glasses brand Sunpocket launched a new series of Kauai folding sunglasses, can be said to be in this month's attention.
Fashionable and functional concept is the core of this series, all frames are made of polycarbonate material, and according to the classic Wayfarer sunglasses in the design, the introduction of a variety of colors.
New York Street brand ALIFE recently teamed famous brand sunglasses Sunpocket sunglasses released "KAUAI Sunglasses" series of cross-border joint new sunglasses. Sunpocket is the most familiar consumer is more color, produced by folding sunglasses, lens like mirror, passed out of fashion and functional concept, while the "KAUAI Sunglasses" series is presented based on Intelligent lightweight folding frame.
The frame adopts full folding design, with the traditional hinge. There are matte black, white stripes and white for optional, which frame to the orange reflective lens is cool.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sunglasses Collocation

Large cheap Oakley sunglasses are summer street single, in which help you resist ultraviolet light does not penetrate to the eyes at the same time, you also blocked his beautiful eyes, don't curl eyelashes, vivid stereo long large eyes and let the charm? With a little bit of care and other parts of the site can also make a good return rate.
When we cover half the face with outlet Ray Ban sunglasses, you don't need makeup, as long as the most basic foundation is good, and then highlight the eyebrow or lip shape is good.
Makeup for the skin to do a good job of water and oil balance, first deposited a mask and then makeup is more durable and easy to take off makeup.
Painted a good sunscreen, lay a good foundation, use BB cream or cushion CC cream for the flaw on your face all contact; if it is exposed to the eyebrows painted eyebrows and clear lenses, stylish, if like this big picture lens, simply the eyebrow eye makeup; if the lens cover facial features, prominent lip color the spirit, if the lenses have exposed eyebrow eyebrow portrait of a very domineering, lips painted pink meat show neutral side is also very beautiful.
The reflector has been the fashion tide people out of the street suction eye of choice, Zhang Ziyi wearing this lens reflects the enchanting green and blue light, the skin looks pink embellish transparent, with a vigorous coral color red, slightly provoked thin eyebrows and a small smile looks very happy.
Yang Mi's Square sunglasses are cool. She looked coldly, serious in speech and manner, assistant behind gallant. A special makeup flawless uniform dark brown, thick black eyebrows and square Sunglasses together reveals Yang Mi's presence.
Zhang Yuqi went to the seaside for a holiday to relax, wearing a diving suit, tie a ponytail, wearing a blue mirror reflecting the beautiful water. Skin white and delicate without makeup, lips painted light lipstick is full of vigor.
Where is Wang Luodan going to carry the box? The wind blows her sunglasses with the natural hair so that the face is more exquisite, fresh nude make-up looks really natural and warm.
Tang Yan wore sunglasses, hat down, do not look confident I could not recognize this, her long hair scattered on both sides of a repair effect. Pink lip balm is very sweet, white skin is a good dress.
Jing Tian's reflective lenses are stunning, good face V.
The big lovely Janice Man lens, but set off her V face and white skin, white and tender love.
The beauty of Zhang Zilin lying on the grass and enjoy the sunshine all the good mood, the skin is very delicate, moist lipstick powder reveals health good complexion.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Linda Farrow Glasses

British senior eyewear brand Linda Farrow recently launched 2016 Christmas limited sunglasses. Four glasses are designed with gold lenses, this Christmas brings brilliant glory. China area only a limited sale of Pu Yi and its Glasstique glasses.
In the past, the elegant atmosphere of the advanced uniforms, as well as the charm of the charm of worship, but also the famous London designer Erdem Moralioglu aesthetic markers. His design also shows these qualities everywhere, with Linda Farrow Gallery launched 2016 Christmas limit is no exception.
The designer brand classic cat eye glasses in the shape of modeled with round lenses, Cecil British Book taste penetration. Circular lens outside the frame angular, more hollow design, highlighting the lens and the face, with the actual situation of the contrast of the soul.

Black gold acetate fiber tough collocation frame lenses, the collision of color contrast and strong impact force.
Cellulose acetate frame is transparent light, mirror legs embedded within the golden metal lines, transparent, echoing with the golden lens in the details reflect the designer's intentions and delicate.
Full of feminine charm metal collocation black cat eye frames and thin leg, golden lens and the same color metal frame each other, showing subtle changes and charming in a different light.

Linda Farrow sunglasses brand was founded in 1970, was one of scholar and celebrities around the London Fashion accessories. Fashion designer Linda Farrow was first put into the list of fashion sunglasses, and insight into the pulse of the times, launched a number of avant-garde exceptional glasses series. Love to try and innovation, she is still the first to create a lot of fashion is still popular classic style. Her design of luxury, innovative and avant-garde pursuing, brand wrote nearly 40 years of magnificent history. Today, Linda Farrow still often collaborate with designers internationally, and launched a superb collection of beautiful things RETRO SUNGLASSES, become the leading fashion brand hall.